The Greatest Loser

So last night was the official start of the Greatest Loser competition.  To shame myself I weighed in at 188.2lbs (13 stone 6.2lbs or 82.55 kilos).  I think this shows everyone how bad it is.  I also had my body fat measured and this totalled 39%.  I have 8 weeks (end date of December 8th) to bring my body fat down to 31% and my weight down to 176 lb (12 stone 10 or 79.83 kilos).  Yes I’d like to lose more but they have set us realistic goals.

Here is the information on how the competition works:

In the beginning you will have your body fat, measurements, and weight taken and written down.  You will keep this in your Greatest Loser folder throughout the compeition and at the end of the competition all of these measurements will be taken again.

You will EACH set your own INDIVIDUAL goals.  We want them attainable but challenging.  Cindy, one of our personal trainers will be taking all the measurements , and we have asked her to work with each of you in setting your goal.  She will make sure you have a challenging yet attainable goal to work towards.  Once this has been established, will will log that goal on your sheets.

The competition is based on a point system.  Your team will earn points for everything they do from workouts, team workouts, weekly lectures, training, hiking/biking, nutrition, etc.  We have the point system outlined on the following pages.

Now the team which earns the most points throughout the competition will be the winning team.  In addition, we will also award an overall weight loss winner, based solely on the person who loses the most weight at the end of the competition.  Now that doesn’t leave you all out if you do not win because we have set up a wonderful gift for each of you who reaches part or all of your individual goal.  Each of you will receive a percentage off a spa service based on what percentage of your goal you reached.  So if you reach 50% you’ll get 50% off in the spa, and guess what…?  If you reach 100% of your individual goal you’ll get 100% off in the spa, so no one is a loser in the race to reach your goals.”

For those of you who don’t know John and I have been members of a club called The Village at DC Ranch.  This is the link to the main website and as I said the location we are members of is DC Ranch.

So now you want to know how the points work:

Workouts in the gym:

  • 2 points for each 1/2 hour you workout in the gym, with a max of 2 hours
  • 6 points earned for participating in ANY group exercise class
  • 8 points earned training with personal trainer for 1-hour
  • 4 points earned training with personal trainer for 1/2-hour
  • 6 points earned for small group training with Kinesis/Pilates
  • 6 points earned for weekly Hikes and or Biking
  • Bi-Weekly Team Challenges:

    • 4 points for showing up
    • 2 additional points for each team member if ENTIRE team shows up
    • 6 points per person for 1st place
    • 4 points per person for 2nd place
    • 2 points per person for 3rd place

    Weekly Lectures:

    • 4 points for showing up
    • 2 additional points for each team member if ENTIRE team shows up

    “For the above points you will need to log in at the club when you are here.  There will be books located in each fitness studio.  So if you take group exercise class make sure you have the instructor log you in.

    There will also be a book located in the fitness desk for you to log in when you come in to workout with a trainer or on your own.

    We will log you in when you come to the challenges and the weekly lectures.”

    NUTRITION POINTS – This is the honor system so BE HONEST!

    • 1/2 point for eating a serving of fruits/vegetables
    • 1/4 point for drinking an 8oz glass of water
    • 1/2 point for salmon to raise HDL
    • 1/2 point for each time you eat poultry or fish for dinner
    • 1/2 point for eating breakfast
    • 2 points earned if you can eat small meals all day every 3 hours
    • 1 point for sharing a meal when you go out to eat
    • 2 points for NO alcohol for entire week
    • 1/2 point for using whole wheat
    • 1/2 point for cooking with olive oil over butter

    WORKOUTS ON OWN… – Honor system additional workouts – earn 1/2 point for each of following

    • Park at far end of parking lot at work
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
    • Get up half hour earlier and go for a walk
    • After dinner go for a walk
    • Do chair squats at the office

    Nutrition and workout points will be logged on sheets provided and submitted each Sunday via email or dropped off at the front desk.

    Mission Possible – Bi-Weekly Challenges

    Mission #1 Monday October 20th – READY, SET, GO
    Mission #2 Monday, November 3rd – BALLS OF FURY
    Mission #3 Monday, November 17th – ICC
    Mission #4 Monday, December 1st – MOTION IN THE OCEAN

    Private group training has been set up for both pilates and kenisis with 9 available sessions for each over the following 8 weeks.  There is only room for 4 in each session and you can only reserve a spot a week in advance so it is on a first come, first served basis.

    Well I think that is it.  I’ll keep you informed on how I do.

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