Our Week in California 10/02/11 – 10/08/11: Friday

November 8, 2011

Our last day in Dana Point and there was definitely no way we were going to Disneyland.  As much as I wanted to go doing such a long day before a long drive home and with Kirsten having been sick over the course of this week and John now barely walking it was just not going to happen.  So, what now?  I wasn’t going to spend the day in the apartment either especially with the sun shining the way it was.  The owners of the apartment had left various tourist brochures around so we decided we would head over to the Irvine Spectrum Center and see what they had to offer.  It looked a relatively easy drive and we wouldn’t even need to get on the freeway.  The day really just consisted of ambling very slowly around the area.  Kirsten had a ride on the carousel (we can never go past one without her having a go), but we managed to keep it to one.  We then went into the Apple Store.  Yes, we took the risk so that we could place our orders for the new IPhone 4S.  John was going to upgrade from his 3G and I was going to switch from my ancient Blackberry on Sprint and switch across to his AT&T making it into a Family plan.  This actually seemed to be the most cost effective way for us to do it and at the same time would allow John to keep his “grandfathered” in Data Unlimited plan.  As for talk minutes we just don’t use many of those.  We also went into the local Naartje store where I found a number of long sleeved dresses on the sale rack for Kirsten.  She had no Fall/Winter wear as she had outgrown everything from last year and we were going to need them so I saw a good deal and bought her 4 dresses total.  I think we took one picture the whole day and that was of Kirsten in front of one of the fountains.

On the way back to the apartment we stopped off at a Fresh and Easy store to pick up some groceries for dinner then home again home again jiggety jig.  I spent most of the evening packing ready for the long drive home tomorrow.