First Hike

February 24, 2013

On the trailWe have decided we need to do a little more that is different rather than just going to a mall etc.  Even though it was the Arts and Crafts Fair in Fountain Hills yesterday, and we love going, we were there in November and we didn’t want to spend money – trust me it is difficult to go and not to spend it.  I mentioned to John that we’d not been hiking as a family and I’d not been hiking since before getting pregnant. Daddy and Miss K on the trailDon’t forget Miss K will turn 6 in May!  I looked online to see what was going on at our local recreational area and the Ranger was going to be teaching knots.  I’ve not done any of these since my days in the Scouts and Guides so thought why not.  We would also introduce Miss K to the joys of hiking.  She can walk around Sea World, London and Disney for hours on end so lets try something different.  I’m not sure what she thought of it, but in the Nature Centre she was introduced to some examples of the local wildlife ie live snakes, spiders and scorpions. ParkJohn and I decided we are happier not knowing where they are around the house as we have never spotted them.  The weather was beautiful and you would never guess we’d had a couple of inches of snow just 3 days before.

We didn’t walk far and the trails were amazingly busy as you had the riders on horseback, the cyclists and then there were a couple of endurance runs.  We spent as much time letting people go past us as we did walking but it was still wonderful to get out.


Vacation Almost Here

September 15, 2011

Many of you are aware that we are counting down to our vacation.  We are going on a Disney Cruise!!!  Some of you may remember that I mentioned this back in a post in June called “What to Write”  The last couple of weeks seem to have been really busy, and to look at my lists there has been plenty crossed off, but even more has been added on a daily basis.  I’m not sure what I’ve really achieved, but my Fish Extender gifts are getting there!  I’m afraid I can’t share any pictures with you as I have “Friended” a couple of the other women participating in the exchange on facebook and I don’t want the surprises to be spoiled.  There is going to be quite a gap between this post and the next, but I promise all will be revealed next time.  My gifts are a mixture of made by myself; purchased off Etsy (and some are still to arrive); and purchased from favourite stores such as Target (remember this is French pronounciation with the soft “g”).  I’m upper class don’t you know!

We held off telling Miss K about the cruise and the whole vacation as I didn’t want a repeat performance of our countdown to our trip back to England last Christmas.  Seven weeks of countdown chart was just too much for me.  Anyway we broke the news to her last Saturday as I’ve got to the point I really need to consider pulling out suitcases and starting to pack.  Our friend, the house sitter, is coming round on Sunday to introduce her dog to our three and remind herself of the sanity, or not, that is our household.  On Saturday morning I am really excited as we are going to hopefully meet up with another of the FE participants.  Although they live in Grosse Point, MI it seems that In-laws live here in town and they have spent this week travelling/sightseeing from LA to Vegas to Grand Canyon with next stop Phoenix.  We’re going to introduce the 2 girls to each other as we have discovered our cabins are only 3 apart.  What wonderful news for me.  I’m looking forward to some quality time with my husband!

If I get the chance next week I will give a very quick update on how the “meet” went so to speak.  They (or rather the Mums) have already exchanged photos and gift packets so the children are aware of each other.  Another mother in Orange County who is also participating in the FE is also in on this separate “gift exchange” between the girls too.  Hopefully they’ve enjoyed receiving their little packets in the mail as much as I enjoyed pulling them together.

This post is a little mixed up.  Apologies as I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

Talk to you all soon!

Back Yard Finished…Almost!

March 16, 2011

  So it took 4 weeks give or take a few days to be completed.  We still have some patio furniture to be returned that we were having the fabric replaced on  together with some canopy blinds still to be added to the kitchen windows outside and last but not least the spiral staircase.  During the course of yesterday and right now we are having some additional landscaping rock added as what was there had significantly thinned out in both the front and back yard since the house had been built almost 12 years ago.

We don’t use a landscaper very often but he swings by once every other month just to trim back a few bushes.  He is due to come round this Saturday morning and add a few date palms to the back wall behind the spa.  We had 4 there before the work  began but due to the harsh winter they really suffered so I just had them removed.  I should be getting 3 x 2 trunk date palms.

What you can’t see from these pictures so I’ll have to take more and create a different post is the 15 mosaics we decided to add into the pool.

We tested out the BBQ and the fire pit on Saturday and had a couple of friends over for dinner.  We had a lovely evening and finished it off by roasting marshmallows over the firepit.  Kirsten couldn’t eat them fast enough!

New Photo Site

January 9, 2010


Just a last quick note that John has been creating a new photo gallery just showing pictures of Kirsten. Here is the link:

What A Weekend

June 8, 2009

So I managed to get my hair cut/coloured on Saturday morning. I think we worked out it was almost 4 months since last time, and John looked after Kirsten whilst I was out. She slept well as John had taken her out for a walk in the morning as we’d called the landscapers in to help with some tidying up in the back yard. They will be finishing off on Tuesday afternoon.

Saturday evening we went to Desert Ridge as CBS 5 was hosting a Safety Event. Kirsten had great fun sitting in the fire truck. She wanted to try out the SWAT van too, but it was full of kids so there wasn’t room.

Sunday morning I took Kirsten out for a walk and John went out for a bike ride. On our return I let Kirsten play with her water table and when John got back he took her out in the pool. She slept well during her nap and apparently John actually had to wake her. I spent the afternoon at Amy Hannah’s babyshower. Baby No. 2, Heidi, is due in the next couple of weeks. For those of you who may not remember we met Amy and Jeremy Hannah at pre-natal classes when Amy was expecting Alex. He will be 2 next week.

Well I’ve left Kirsten in the other room watching Sprout TV for long enough while I’ve backed up my computer and balanced the accounts so I had better get on with something useful for the day now. Sorry for sharing but I suspect Kirsten also needs sharing – Have a great week.

June 5, 2009
2nd Birthday

2nd Birthday

The Greatest Loser – Weeks 3 to 5

November 18, 2008

Time is going so quickly and I have to apologize for not updating sooner.  Week 3 we got back into fourth place and week 4 we were in 2nd place although only just.  We’re still to see the result of week 5 and now we have just started week 6.  Week 3 saw the second challenge which was called “Balls of Fury” and was a relay race worked in pairs across the width of the basketball court.  I ended up going twice as only 2 members of our team were there and we only managed to get one sub (another member of staff).  Last night was the third challenge called “ICC” (Individual Cardio Challenge).  This was meant that provided each person of your team turned up you would only take one stint on one machine.  The team should complete a 5 minute stint on 4 separate machines:  the arc trainer (a form of elliptical); stairmaster; treadmill and the espresso bike.  Apparently the espresso bike is some sort of bike with a game on it.  Kim (our team leader) did this one as she is a spinning instructor and we know that she got the highest score.  I did the treadmill which was run as far as you could in 5 minutes with the treadmill at a level of 5.0.  I managed 0.34 miles.  I was proud of that especially as I’m not a runner.  Jennifer went on the stairmaster which was a matter of climbing as many floors as possible in 5 minutes; and I then did the arc trainer for 5 minutes.  Although Chris had signed in he is the Membership Director at the club so he had to run back and supervise an event.  The arc trainer I think was at a level 5 and a resistence 10 although I’m not sure and I think I managed 0.23 miles total.  Tonight we have another lecture although it won’t be nutritional but apparently about the benefits of massage.

My points have been:  week 3 – 111.5; week 4 – 132; week 5 – 108.  This week I’ll hopefully get back on track with my points and the rest of the team are hoping to too so that we can get our footing back in the ladder so to speak.  I have been working out about 3 times a week although this week will be 4 including 2 x kinesis class; 1 x personal training session and 1 x spinning class.  I finally saw the scales drop this week – 5 weeks it is definitely about time.  I’m hoping that my body fat is reducing but I won’t know until December 8th.

I’ll try to keep you more updated.