Snow in Cave Creek!

February 23, 2013
Snow on the playground

Snow on the playground

Apologies, apologies.  I’ve not posted on here in the better part of a year.  So much has happened.  We had a wonderful family vacation to Disney World at the end of October and then had a quiet Christmas here in Arizona with just the 3 of us.  It turned out to be even more quiet as I was diagnosed with pneumonia the week before.  Fall Semester was extremely busy as I started studying and Full Length of Playground in Snowhave started the long road to achieving my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I took and passed 6 credits in the Fall Semester.  This Semester I am taking 7.  I have completed 2 x 1 credit classes and am currently almost halfway through a 3 credit class.  Thankfully there is not quite as much homework, so far, from these classes.  I am enjoying myself immensely and John is awesome in all the support he’s given me.  What with working full-time at school (now in a preschool room); studying part-time and being a mother too I certainly have my hands full.  My “To Do” lists get longer on a daily basis.

SnowMy big reason for writing is, can you believe it, we had snow here this week?  It started as a hail storm at 3 pm in the afternoon and the kids at school were absolutely fascinated.  Two of us teachers stood outside trying to prevent parents coming into the parking lot as we discovered at one point it got extremely difficult to get back out as you have to climb a small ramp.  By the time I locked up and left the school though at 5.30 pm the snow had become slush, and then on Thursday we couldn’t let the children play outside for the first half of the day as it was all melting so fast that there was too much water around.  Now, well you would never guess that it had snowed at all except for the memories.


Easter Sunday – Desert in Bloom

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

You’re all so excited for the fact that this is my second post in 3 days.  We just went out as a family for a walk.  We are going out for a late  brunch at one of the local hotels later and decided we needed to burn some calories in readiness.  I always carry my camera with me  (it’s only a point and shoot but you never know what you will come across).  Spring is here and although we live in the dry South West desert at this time of year all the cactii are in bloom and I wanted to share this with you.

Halloween 2010

November 3, 2010

…and now for the third post of the day, Halloween.  This was the first time since we moved into our home 8 years ago that we didn’t sit out on the driveway handing out candy to all the local children.  A wonderful friend of ours, Sunny and her husband JW,  invited us to go to their house and join them and their 2 young children trick or treating.  We jumped on the chance.  Here at home we typically have 250 or so trick or treaters.  That is no joke as I ran a tally one year just to check.  Anyway this normally meant about 35lbs of candy and the expense was horrific not to mention the temptation.  Sunny and JW live on a very quiet back road so to speak where they haven’t had any trick or treaters in 15 years.  Sunny had put up a notice on the mailboxes letting the neighbours know that she would be round with a couple of preschoolers and if they wanted to participate they should leave their porch light on.  About 6 homes participated.  We went out soon after 5 and were home just as it got dark.  The children had enough candy/chocolate but not too much and then they had the rest of the evening to calm down.  If we’d have been at home Kirsten would have received excessive amounts of candy and chocolate and would have ended up crashing from the sheer excitement of the goings on in our neighbourhood.

In the run up to Halloween we also had numerous parties.  This year I decided to spend a little more on Kirsten’s costume and bought it through  This is an amazing site if you haven’t used it where you can buy thousands of different one of a kind items.  I custom ordered Kirsten’s costume of Little Red Riding Hood back in August and it took about 3 weeks to receive.  The store was: The quality of Kirsten’s costume was wonderful and was 3 pieces:  A dress; bloomers; and a wonderful cape.  Kirsten has now worn the set 4 times:  preschool; gym twice (once for parents’ night out and secondly for their party) and then of course the night itself.  For trick or treating I had bought John a wolf mask so he could be the Big Bad Wolf.  Unfortunately Kirsten was petrified of the mask so it spent most of the night on the back of Daddy’s Yes, Kirsten is scratching her now whilst the picture is being taken.head.  I, of course, was Grandma, although I didn’t wear glasses because with the sun setting I couldn’t see a thing.

Happy New Year

January 3, 2008

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 is kind to you all.  So have you all set your New Year’s Resolutions?  Mine is to lose the baby weight so at least 20 lbs, but if possible closer to 30 lbs.  We’ll see how I go.

 John’s parents spent Christmas with us and this was their first time of meeting their Granddaughter.  I’m not sure who was spoilt the most.  The grandparents with all their cuddles or Kirsten with the fact that she was never put down.  She certainly didn’t do badly for Christmas presents either  Kirsten with Grandma Ann and Grandpa Bill

Kirsten has reached 7 months and has started teething so is suffering somewhat, but I think all in all is coping really well.  The dogs continue to keep an eye on the goings on.  Mohawk has realised very quickly that scraps are starting to appear under Kirsten’s seat at meal times as she comes to grips with using her hands to eat Farley’s rusks.  It’s slightly messy, but as we said we have a hairy hoover.

I’ll have to update again in a couple of days, but for now this is it as Kirsten has woken up.

Almost Christmas

December 17, 2007

So it’s almost Christmas and I thought I had better fill out another update especially as you should have all received Christmas cards and letters telling you about this blog and yet, I’ve not updated it for a while.  Kirsten continues to grow quickly, and many of you are receiving the monthly photos.  If you’re not, and you want to see them email me and let me know.  Kirsten has worked out how to clap in the last few days.  OK, well it certainly looks like she’s trying to clap and she gets really excited.  We expect that she’s likely to work out how to crawl in the coming weeks and she can sit up for a minute or two at a time with very little help from us.

 At the end of November we received a couple of guests from Norway for a couple of days – Anne and Margrethe.  Anne is Sigrid’s mother’s best friend who lives in Oslo and Margrethe is her daughter.  This was their first trip to us including Margrethe’s first trip to the USA.  We hope they’ll come and visit us again now that they’ve realised how much there is to see and do in Arizona  Kirsten with Anne and Margrethe.

 John’s parents arrived last Thursday and this is their first time of meeting Kirsten.  They are actually fighting over who gets to hold her.  I keep pointing out they’ve got another 2 weeks yet, but I think they want to make sure that they have plenty of “time in the bank” so to speak.  We took Kirsten to meet Santa last Friday.  We weren’t sure how she would hold up meeting the man in the red suit, but she did great – perhaps it was the audience  Kirsten with Santa.