Donate and Win…I don’t normally do this

March 21, 2011


This is a short post but I felt I needed to do it.  For those who have been following for a while you will remember that I took part in a monthly quilt club last year.  I got to know a lovely lady from Japan who lives locally that I have stayed in contact with.  She is currently running a giveaway on her blog where if you donate to the Red Cross to help Japan you will then be entered for a chance to win 1 of 4 beautiful small quilts.  They will be shipped anywhere in the world!

Here is the link:

Please follow the link for more information.


Back To School

August 12, 2010

Can you believe it…finally the day has come and Kirsten went back to preschool  on Monday after almost 3 months holiday.  She finished on Friday 19 May and went back Monday 9 August.  It’s been a long hot Summer.  We had already decided that she was going to go for 5 days a week but were only planning on having her there from 9-12 but we bumped into the Mum of one of her classmates at Anthem outlets a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned that her son would be there till 2pm (he’s also a high energy child like Kirsten).  That made up our minds for us and Kirsten is now staying until 2pm.  We’ve just finished day 4.  She’s also having 3 swim lessons a week until 3rd week of October.  She’ll be having 2 at the local YMCA (Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes) and will continue her weekly lesson at Aquasafe but that has now moved to Monday afternoons.  The last 3 nights she has slept through till 7am which is unheard of so it just goes to prove that she needs to be both mentally and physically exhausted in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Over the Summer I have done a little quilting.  I completed the “Pinwheels and Paperdolls” quilt based on the Cowboy Baby Quilt from the Material Obsession book.  It is now on Kirsten’s bed.  I even made her a couple of matching pillowcases.

I also finished the binding on a couple of the “Schnibbles” quilts that I did in Miss Rosie’s Quilt Club so they are all finished.  I’m giving some of them away as gifts and keeping the first, “Picnic”, “Roundabout” (That I made for John), and the lone star, “Center Stage” as they are my first, and my last from the club.

Now we’re getting excited as we have 2 trips coming up.  We have our week away in Dana Point, California at the end of September and then I am going across to England for the entire month of December with Kirsten, and John will fly over a couple of weeks later.  We will all fly home together first week of January.  We think we have managed to arrange house sitters for both sets of dates which we are really pleased with.

Last but not least I have now been working with the doctor for almost 2 months with regards to weight loss and have spent about 6 weeks taking thyroid (natural), testosterone and vitamin including B12 complex shots.  My weight is very slowly coming off although John’s has fallen off (about 15lbs to date).  I’m also having a fortnightly weigh-in using a bod pod too.  Everything is being monitored.  I had a second round of blood tests about 3 weeks ago and was told my thyroid numbers are at least going in the right direction.  On top of all this I am using my Bodybugg to monitor both calories in and calories out and my doctor is monitoring my food log.  Nothing like doing everything I possibly can.  So far I’ve lost about 8lbs.  I’ve got about another 12-15lbs to go till I reach my goal.  If I’m lucky I’ll reach it before I come to England.

If I’ve missed anything I apologise and if I’ve rambled too much I apologise too.

Sickness and Quilting

July 6, 2010

Yes the two do go together.  Kirsten spent last week sick again.  She had some mild pains on Friday night but we didn’t really think much of it then on Sunday she started the day with a very runny nose and finished the day with a high fever.  From there we then went to vomiting etc.  On Monday morning I took Kirsten to the doctor and they ran tests for strep; flu and bladder infection but everything came back negative.  They told me it must be a virus and therefore would run its course in 8-10 days but in the meantime I had to do my best to keep Kirsten hydrated as the tests did show that she was on the edge of dehydration.  Of course it was the hottest week of the year so far and we couldn’t go swimming, and it was also the last week of camp for her.  Not a good week for me food wise.  Kirsten just wanted cuddles and affection.  Anyway we found what worked was to put her on the bed in the guest room with the television on, a cup of juice, a box of tissues and some snacks in the hope that she would eat and my sewing room door is opposite so I could get on and do some work.

Back at the start of May I did a day’s class at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe which is my local quilt shop here in Cave Creek.  One of the teachers had done a beautiful baby’s crib quilt that she called “Pinwheels and Paper Dolls” based on a baby’s quilt (“Cowboy Quilt”) that she had seen in a book called Material Obsesssion (  My good friend Sunny collected Kirsten from school that day and took her home to play with her 2 children so that I could do a full day’s class.  My plan was to make the quilt big enough to fit on a full size bed when Kirsten converted from her toddler bed to her twin (English single) which turned out to be over the course of this weekend.  Anyway back to the quilt.  The reason the teacher called it Pinwheels and Paper Dolls is the fact that one of the fabrics she used has what looks like the old fashioned paper dolls on them and she “fussy cut” them (made sure you saw the whole doll) to include them on the quilt.  The quilt is made up of blocks of pinwheels.  The crib quilt had 9 blocks and I worked out that mine would need about 40.  With Kirsten sick and the fact we couldn’t go out anywhere I managed to catch up on sewing the remainder of the blocks and then creating the rows and sewing the rows together to make one large panel.  Today I will be going back to the quilt shop to choose a fabric to use for the inner border and then the outer border will be long strips of the dolls.  I still have to choose a backing and then I’m going to get Whitney (one of the owners of the quilt shop) to quilt it all for me before I have to bind it.  I’m also going to buy some more of the fabric and make a couple of matching pillowcases.

I’m hoping you can follow this link to see how the quilt has progressed:  (

The first quarter!

March 23, 2010

OK , so it’s about a month since I last posted and as usual a lot has happened.  Marbles is settling into the fold and we’re now having less accidents in the house.  I can also say that Kirsten is fully potty trained and I’m about ready to take the nappies off her at night and see how she does as she is dry every night.

John has been sick but after 2 rounds of antibiotics he is recovered although he is having a follow-up visit to the doctor.  Unfortunately in the last month we lost John’s wonderful Grandfather, Cliff, to cancer.  He will be greatly missed.  We have also lost 2 other members of our extended family in the last 2 months, Vi and Betty.  Our condolences go out to Chris and Paul in Slough for the loss of Chris’ mother, Vi, and also to Robert and Carol Jobson for the loss of Robert’s mother, Betty.  

 John’s lovely grandmother has been moved into a nursing home and my grandmother in Norway took a tumble and has spent the last couple of weeks in recovery but after an email from my mother she is apparently due to return home in the next week.  At the same time I also found out that my Dad took quite a tumble off of his bicycle.  It seems that he was knocked about badly but thank goodness for helmets as it turns out he has absolutely no recollection of getting home! Yes, I make sure John wears a helmet when he goes out and carries a mobile phone with him too.  As for ID I think I need to invest in one of those ID bracelets for him.

Now onto the brighter side of life.  My mother, Anne-Lise, is due out for her semi-annual visit on Sunday providing her flight doesn’t get cancelled as she is due to fly with British Airways.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed as this will be the first time since we moved out that she has been here to help celebrate my birthday.

Last but not least I continue with my quilting.  I have now had my first 4 quilts quilted by taking them to the local shop, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.  Whitney did a wonderful job.  You will see that the most recent “Roundabout” I actually made larger as the pattern gave you the option for 2 sizes.  John told me that I’d been making blankets and quilts for everyone else so this one is for him.

A Week of Firsts

February 24, 2010

Well we’re at Tuesday and Kirsten has worked out how to get out of her crib.  I know I’m one of the lucky ones in that up till now she’s been more than happy to stay put and because it’s so low she hasn’t been able to pull herself out.  She has now worked out that with the help of the toy box at the end of the crib she can get in and out and this morning she screamed “Mummy where are you?” to let me know she was awake and by the time I got to the top of the stairs her little blonde head was peeping round her door letting me know she’d got up all on her own.  I know I’ve got to convert to the toddler bed but I’m hoping I can hold off another 2 weeks until John goes to conference in Vegas so that there will be few disturbances during the night.

I would say we are pretty much potty trained now although Kirsten still has her constipation problems so the accidents we have are always for the same reason.  Today, for the first time, she actually asked to use the potty and was very proud of herself when she did what she needed to without having to be cleaned up.

I wish the puppy could master the potty training.  We leave the door open but about 8/10 times he goes outside to play then comes inside to pee and poop.  I’ve even put one of those training pads by the back door in the hope that it would motivate him, but oh no…  Of course Kirsten has had on/off flu/cold for the last couple of weeks and John started with it on Thursday and I’ve been fighting it off.  I realised I couldn’t take any medication day or night as I’d be no good for anything, but of course after taking Marbles out for his 4am potty break the other day obviously didn’t close his crate well enough and 30 minutes later there was some very excited yapping outside our bedroom door.  I just scooped him up and put him back in his crate downstairs.  He’s not sleeping with the older dogs yet as I don’t want to disturb them too during the night.

My next quilt is finished for Miss Rosie’s club.  Apologies that I’ve not put a photo up with this, and we have the fabrics and pattern for our next.  I had hoped to hold off a week or so to do some work on another project but as the meeting is being rescheduled, and as yet I don’t know till when, I thought I’d better get on with it to try and get it finished for whenever the meeting is.  My 4 previous quilts are all at the shop now for quilting and I could have the first 3 back in the next week or so for me to do the binding around the edges.  I promise I’ll get pictures up.

Well Kirsten is down for a nap.  The dogs and myself have also eaten lunch so I’m going to make use of the opportunity and take a break too.


January 22, 2010

You may or may not know that I bought myself a new sewing machine on July 4, 2009 with the plan to start trying to sew clothes for Kirsten as she is so tall and skinny.  Well that hasn’t happened yet, but I have got into quilting instead.  I have joined a group both at my local quilting shop, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe ( and now a second one online called “Year of Schnibbles” that a lovely lady called Sherri is hosting through her blog (  The whole basis of the “Year of Schnibbles” is that on the first of the month Sherri will announce on her blog what the next month’s project will be in the way of a “Schnibbles” quilt.  “Schnibbles” quilts have been designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company (  I am loving the challenges being thrown at me by joining a quilt club and trying things with fabrics that I definitely would not have tried out on my own.  I have quite a bit of catching up to do with the Year of Schnibbles but here are 2 of my quilts.

My first quilt