Spiral Staircase

April 22, 2011

I think the only part of the back garden remodelling I haven’t shared pictures of with you is the spiral staircase that we added so that you can access the  balcony from outside.  We have a wonderful west facing balcony that is barely used and this was because we had to go all the way through the house to the bonus room upstairs to access it.  Now, all we need to do is go up the new staircase.  We have added a gate to the bottom and the top.  I know that Kirsten is totally capable of opening the gates but at least it is not an “open” invitation so to speak for her to go up and down as she wishes.  The staircase was made by a local Company, Affordable Spiral Staircases.  They painted the staircase in the colour of our choice.  Of course installing into our garden was a first for them as we have the artificial grass.  They pulled back the grass and poured in a concrete base before adding some soil back over the top and putting the grass back in place.  Of course a little trimming of the grass was required round the new base of the staircase,  but I think they did an excellent job.  This is just their base model of staircase called the “Sedona” model but it is more than suitable for what we need it for.  We have 3 separate custom awnings on the back of the house made by Arizona Awnings.  Our concern was that the awning on the south side where the staircase was installed would have to be taken down but the staircase company added an extention to the landing so that it could remain exactly where it was.

We have also added some fairy lights.  Currently they are on a dawn to dusk sensor, but John has ordered some sort of wireless remote to try out.  For those of you who know my husband…he loves his gadgets!