Trip to the UK: March 13 – April 3 (Part 2, Worthing)

June 3, 2012

Saturday morning we vacated the hotel and took a taxi to the station where we then took the train down to Worthing.  John’s parents met us at the station.  There was a slight drizzle so Ann (John’s mother) and I walked home whilst John and Kirsten went with Bill (John’s Dad) back to the house with the cases.  There wasn’t room for all of us in the car and I was quite glad for the fresh air and time to chat with Ann.  We popped over to visit Karen and Guy in their house later that afternoon and saw all the work they’d done in the 15 months since our previous visit.

We were only staying until Thursday and managed to find plenty to keep us occupied.  On Sunday it had been arranged that many of John’s family members would come down for a visit.  I think in the end there were an additional 10.  It was wonderful to catch up with both old and new family members.  Kirsten hit it off with Ivanka, Will’s fiance.  I think it was a mutual admiration society going on.  Kirsten also got to play with her second cousins, Jessica and Adam.  Jessica is 5 weeks older than Kirsten.

On Monday we discovered Conrad (Sigrid’s youngest brother) was off work.  He and his wife MC also happen to live in Worthing so he came across and picked us up to take back to their house.  Last time we saw the house was before they had officially moved in so again it was good to see the changes.  The 4 of us (MC was at work) walked into Worthing and spent a number of hours ambling around town before heading back to the house.  Conrad was then kind enough to take us back to Ann and Bill’s in time for dinner.

Tuesday morning we headed out for a local walk to help Kirsten burn off some energy.  We got back just before John’s Uncle arrived.  After lunch we then all headed down to the beach front for another walk.  It was cold but the tide was out so Kirsten had a wonderful time.

Wednesday was then our last day in town so we took a trip into Chichester.  The weather was perfect and we had a lovely time.  In the evening we finished off with family dinner in a local restaurant (7 of us total) which was really nice.  We knew it wasn’t a total goodbye as John’s parents and sister and husband were all going to come up to Highworth a week later to help celebrate my 40th.


Trip To England – Third and Final Part (December 25 – January 4, 2011)

February 14, 2011

After opening our stockings and eating our breakfast on Christmas morning we drove from my parents in Highworth, Wiltshire to John’s parents in Worthing, West Sussex.  For those of you who still aren’t sure the best I could explain is it is a little further round the coast from Brighton.  On arrival in Worthing (we made it by 1pm) John’s Uncle, Uncle John, had arrived minutes before us.    He had driven down to spend the day with us and enjoy Christmas dinner made by John’s mother.  

Our first full day in Worthing, Boxing Day, John, Kirsten and myself decided to take a walk along the sea front.  We made it to the pier just as the Boxing Day Dippers   were running into the sea for charity.  I have done some stupid things in my time but I would never do this for charity or not but I admire those who did as I hasten to add that it was all of about 32F outside of the water.  The afternoon was spent back with John’s parents and also John’s sister, Karen and her husband, Guy.  We ate another Christmas dinner (not complaining there) and yet another selection of gifts to open.  Kirsten was introduced to the book/film of “The Gruffalo”.  Her Uncle provided her with the small soft toys of both The Gruffalo and the mouse too.

We are lucky in that all our family is spread between 2 towns in England.  My parents, the older of my 2 brothers and my sister all live in the Swindon area.  In Worthing it is John’s parents, sister and husband and then the younger of my 2 brothers and his wife.  This meant that we also got to see a fair bit of my brother, Conrad and his wife Marie-Claire.

  December 27 we decided to drive across to Chichester and do a little shopping.  It meant we also got a chance to see some of the sales.  I spent some of Kirsten’s Christmas money and bought her a beautiful smocked Cath Kidston dress and myself a book but other than that we managed to refrain from spending too much money.  On the Thursday evening, December 30, we all went out to see the pantomime of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Kirsten was a little scared at parts of it, but all in all we had a great time and discovered that Kirsten is now old enough to sit through a performance.  Eight of us went in all: John’s Mum; the 3 of us; Karen and Guy (John’s sister and husband); and my brother and wife.  We started New Year’s Eve out by going to Arundel.  I had never been there although it is only about 20 minutes drive from Worthing.    We drive past whenever we go to John’s parents but we had never actually gone into the town to discover how beautiful it was.  We started out at Swanbourne Lake so that Kirsten could feed the ducks although I think it was more like feeding the fish as right beneath where we were standing was a huge fish, and everytime Kirsten threw in some breadcrumbs it came up and ate them.    That fish, whatever it was, would have made a very nice meal for a large family.  That evening, we met up again with Karen, Guy, Conrad and Marie-Claire for dinner at one of the local eateries  followed by seeing the New Year in at John’s parents.  Conrad and Marie-Claire actually left us around 10pm or rather I took them to their new house as they were in the process of moving out of a flat and into a house and they wanted to see the New Year in in their new house.  That made perfect sense to us.  I cheated and took pictures of the fireworks in London on the tv as Big Ben chimed us in.

  We spent New Year’s Day with Conrad and MC in Brighton and my other brother, Magnus, and his partner, Kim drove down and met us there a little later in the day.  We did a lot of walking around the town and enjoying the weather.  Magnus and Kim met up with us on the sea front just as we were heading to the pier.  Kirsten, during the course of this trip, had started enjoying all the rides  that we kept seeing so she cost us a small fortune but she had fun and plenty of memories which I felt played an important role in this trip.  We finished the day out by heading back to Worthing and getting a quick guided tour around Conrad and MC’s new house   (they had not yet moved in) before having pizza for dinner back at their flat.  Kirsten’s big intrigue was disovering that they even had special Christmas toilet paper.  Suffice to say that she was so fascinated by it that the next thing we know, on her next visit to the bathroom, she managed to unwind almost the entire roll.  Yup!

Sunday 2 was time for our final walk along the beach front in Worthing.  Again it was all of 32F but Kirsten and I both had an ice cream whilst on the Pier.  Kirsten also had a couple of lollipops too. We finished our couple of miles out by letting Kirsten play in the playground close to where we had parked before all heading back to John’s parents for dinner. 

Little Miss Super Cool!

Our last full day in Worthing included a trip to Tesco to pick up any last minute items/groceries that we wanted/needed to bring back with us and then I was trying to fit everything into our cases.  I managed to get most of it in, but they were all overweight so had to pay for excess baggage on check-in to British Airways.  Oh well.  It was a great trip but I also have to admit it was nice to get home.

We have a lot of wonderful memories, even more pictures, and yes, although I was behind in getting the blog up-to-date and keeping you all  informed of what was going on the Shutterfly photo book is completed and printed, the flip videos have been emailed out and our Shutterfly share site is up-to-date!

Talk to you all again soon and let you know of the current goings on.