Happy New Year

January 2, 2014

A belated Happy New Year, but it is only January 2nd so it is not too late.  Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?  I did and one of them is to keep this a little better up to date as the blog was severely neglected last year.  My resolution is to do at least 1 post a week no matter how short and I will typically aim to add this on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

Plans for the New Year?  Yes, yesterday we purchased tickets to spend the Summer with the family back in England.  Miss K will celebrate her 7th Birthday surrounded by family both old and new as she, and I, will have several cousins that we have not yet met, and one is still to be born.  To say that we’re both excited is an understatement.  John will join us for the last 3 weeks but Kirsten and I will have 7 weeks in total with a couple of trips within trips too.  She’s already asking if she can take certain items with her.  There is no way we can do a count down for just under 5 months.  I am going to have to purchase a calendar for her room so that she can mark it off there herself.  Some of you may remember from years back that we did a 7 week countdown for a 5 week trip to England for Christmas and that was exhausting.  Anyone any other ideas or suggestions?