Back to School 2013-2014

August 4, 2013

Can you believe it.  I’ve not posted since February, and for that I am very apologetic, but tomorrow Miss K starts 1st Grade.  The time seems to have flown so quickly and with me going back to work and school it goes even more quickly.  Although I have not attended college over the Summer I have been working on a distance learning program through North American Montessori Center (NAMC) to gain a better understanding of the classroom.  Unfortunately this does not give me full American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) accreditation as I have neither the time nor the funding right now, but I am thrilled with all that I am learning and how I can put this into action in the classroom.  During the last school year I completed 13 credits in Early Childhood Education through Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) and have signed up to do a further 6 this semester whilst completing the third and final unit of my Preschool Training (3-6) of the NAMC.  The plan is that I will have my Child Development Associate (CDA) in Preschool for next Summer so keep your fingers crossed and then my Certificate of Completion in Early Childhood Education by Summer of 2015.  Nothing like keeping me out of mischief.  I have learned so much that I have put into action both with the children at school and also with Kirsten.

Very proud of her picture and waiting for it to be hung on her wall.

Very proud of her picture and waiting for it to be hung on her wall.

Miss K and I have actually just been doing some art work/crafts.  I had 2 of the Melissa and Doug peel and press sticker by number kits in my stash here at home so we have just completed them both as Miss K enjoyed the first 1 so much.  The first one was the Mermaid Reef and the second was the the Fairytale Princess.

I will try and be better this coming school year and at least aim to make one short post a week to keep you more up-to-date on our goings on.

Melissa & Doug Fairytale Princess