First Hike

February 24, 2013

On the trailWe have decided we need to do a little more that is different rather than just going to a mall etc.  Even though it was the Arts and Crafts Fair in Fountain Hills yesterday, and we love going, we were there in November and we didn’t want to spend money – trust me it is difficult to go and not to spend it.  I mentioned to John that we’d not been hiking as a family and I’d not been hiking since before getting pregnant. Daddy and Miss K on the trailDon’t forget Miss K will turn 6 in May!  I looked online to see what was going on at our local recreational area and the Ranger was going to be teaching knots.  I’ve not done any of these since my days in the Scouts and Guides so thought why not.  We would also introduce Miss K to the joys of hiking.  She can walk around Sea World, London and Disney for hours on end so lets try something different.  I’m not sure what she thought of it, but in the Nature Centre she was introduced to some examples of the local wildlife ie live snakes, spiders and scorpions. ParkJohn and I decided we are happier not knowing where they are around the house as we have never spotted them.  The weather was beautiful and you would never guess we’d had a couple of inches of snow just 3 days before.

We didn’t walk far and the trails were amazingly busy as you had the riders on horseback, the cyclists and then there were a couple of endurance runs.  We spent as much time letting people go past us as we did walking but it was still wonderful to get out.

Snow in Cave Creek!

February 23, 2013
Snow on the playground

Snow on the playground

Apologies, apologies.  I’ve not posted on here in the better part of a year.  So much has happened.  We had a wonderful family vacation to Disney World at the end of October and then had a quiet Christmas here in Arizona with just the 3 of us.  It turned out to be even more quiet as I was diagnosed with pneumonia the week before.  Fall Semester was extremely busy as I started studying and Full Length of Playground in Snowhave started the long road to achieving my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I took and passed 6 credits in the Fall Semester.  This Semester I am taking 7.  I have completed 2 x 1 credit classes and am currently almost halfway through a 3 credit class.  Thankfully there is not quite as much homework, so far, from these classes.  I am enjoying myself immensely and John is awesome in all the support he’s given me.  What with working full-time at school (now in a preschool room); studying part-time and being a mother too I certainly have my hands full.  My “To Do” lists get longer on a daily basis.

SnowMy big reason for writing is, can you believe it, we had snow here this week?  It started as a hail storm at 3 pm in the afternoon and the kids at school were absolutely fascinated.  Two of us teachers stood outside trying to prevent parents coming into the parking lot as we discovered at one point it got extremely difficult to get back out as you have to climb a small ramp.  By the time I locked up and left the school though at 5.30 pm the snow had become slush, and then on Thursday we couldn’t let the children play outside for the first half of the day as it was all melting so fast that there was too much water around.  Now, well you would never guess that it had snowed at all except for the memories.