Trip to the UK: March 13 – April 3 (Part 1, London)

May 6, 2012

So we’ve been back a month and I’m not sure we’re over the trip yet as Kirsten has been ill twice.  The first time round with sickness which is often how she gets with exhaustion/excitement but last week she was off school for almost a week with an extreme fever.  Nothing else was wrong, and by the time she went back to school both of us had cabin fever.  Let me tell you a little about our trip to England.

We left Phoenix on the overnight flight with British Airways to Heathrow on 13 March which got us into London (local time) around 2pm.   We had booked to stay in London for a couple of days so were reliant on public transport.  We used the Heathrow Express to take us from Heathrow to Paddington Station and then used a taxi to take us to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Regent’s Park.  We were checked in and unpacked by 4pm and decided the rest of the day was about Kirsten as she’d just spent 10 plus hours on an airplane so we walked to the Disney Store Oxford Street.  She went to bed easily enough that night but had a bought of jet lag through the night.

Thursday we were all booked up in London for the Duck Tour; the London Eye and also a London Eye River Cruise as we had purchased a package.  All the tickets had been purchased online prior to our trip and I highly recommend all these.  We were also so lucky with the weather with brilliant weather which is highly unusual. After all of these activities we then took the underground (having bought ourselves a day pass) to Leicester Square and walked through to Covent Garden.  We asked someone for a recommendation for dinner and ended up at a restaurant called Nandos (definitely recommend). We got back to our hotel around 9pm and couldn’t believe that Kirsten was still on her feet.

Friday we started out by walking down to Hamleys and letting Kirsten wander around the store for about 90 minutes.  We came out having spent less than I thought which I am proud of but did make sure that we purchased our Paddington Bear supplies.  Whilst in Hamleys Kirsten also got the nails done on one hand.  It was really cute, but unfortunately I was silly enough to delete the photos off my phone without saving them so I can’t show you what they looked like.  We then made our way to Fortnum and Mason as we were meeting my Godmother, Jennifer, and her husband Charles there.  We were lucky enough to be taken to lunch by them at the Fountain Restaurant in Fortnum and Mason.  We all highly recommend the fish and chips.  Nothing will ever surpass that.  After lunch we said goodbye to Charles and the rest of us took the bus across to Kensington and Harrods.  We ended up in the toy department where Jennifer treated Kirsten to her first Harrods Bear.  I was treated to a bear from Harrods by Jennifer many years ago too.  Thank you Jennifer.  Kirsten also managed to get the nails on her other hand painted, again, silly, but deleted off the pictures from my phone without saving (duh)!

We then had to say goodbye to Jennifer and she pointed us in the right direction (the number 74 bus to Baker Street Station) and then walked back to our hotel past Madame Tassauds, Royal School of Music and Harley Street for our last night in London.

I will continue the next part of our stay in my next post.