Photo Books

April 8, 2012

I briefly mentioned back in January that I had been contacted by Shutterfly regarding a guest blog post.  Well we’ve just got back from 3 weeks in England and whilst away it was posted.

It all came about due to the fact that Miss K has provided us with so much wonderful art work from school and I just can’t keep all of  it, but don’t want to lose those memories so try to find time to scan it into the computer, or if the art work is too large then I photograph it.  At the end of the last 2 school years I have then created a photo book of her art work and am on track to do the same again this year.  Back at the start of January, before I started back at work, I was tweeting about scanning in the art work and received a tweet from Shutterfly asking if I would be interested in writing a guest blog post which I did.  I wasn’t sure if, or when this would be used but as I said towards the end of our first week in England (3rd week of March) it was posted on their website.  For those of you interested in reading it here you are: My Guest Blog Post.  Next I received an email from Shutterfly announcing that I was going to be their Facebook Fan of the Week for March 16 so could I provide them with a photo, which I gladly did.  It was one of the pictures taken of myself and Kirsten whilst on our Disney Cruise last September.  I don’t know if I can provide you with a link to the post, but I can provide you with a link to the photo so here goes:  Facebook Fan of the Week.

For those of you wondering about the end product of some of these photo books here you are:

Preschool Art Work Year 1:  2009 – 2010

Summer Camp Art Work:  2010

Preschool Art Work Year 2: 2010 – 2011

Enjoy.  I hope this provides you with a little inspiration.  This year’s art work photo book will probably look very different as I am aware that Shutterfly have introduced new styles specifically for this job now.

Happy Easter all.