End of January….Already?

January 29, 2012

Just as well I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions especially one about keeping up to date and making blog posts more regularly!  Yes, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  We missed having no family with us but made the most of it and had a good time catching up with many of the friends that we have made in our 10 years here.

So what’s new I hear you ask?  I can’t remember if I shared with you last year or not that I was trying to find myself a job.  With Miss K having started at school 35 hours a week, yes, I can always find things to do at home and be productive, but it would be nice to earn a little of my own money again.  My problem was then going to be, whether I found something full-time or part-time, who was going to look after Miss K on school holidays.  I’ve been so lucky! The owner of Miss K’s school contacted me to find out if I would be interested in working full-time, and if I liked the idea of working with infants, which I love.  Two weeks ago I went back to full-time work and am looking after infants in a new infant room that has been created at the school.  Miss K’s hours have been increased to match my own but we are there together.  I get to go home for lunch to let the dogs out for a run as I am only a few minutes from home.  Of course, we’re still in that settling in period.  John and I discussed this quite a bit before I accepted and I explained that after over 10.5 years of me being at home this would result in a number of changes and that we would have to give ourselves at least 6 months to adjust.  Tomorrow I start my third week.

The biggest change I would say is the exhaustion factor and the breakdown of household tasks.  To date I have done my best to keep the house clean and tidy, the yard and the pool maintained.  Now we have got ourselves a cleaner who will come in for a couple of hours fortnightly (every 2 weeks, or for those of you here in the US for some reason you say bi-weekly which actually directly translated means twice a week not every 2 weeks which gets me confused).  We have turned the grocery shopping into a family outing and John helps with the laundry at home at the weekend.  Previously I had also done a couple of loads during the week.  Also, now if I run the dishwasher overnight John will empty it for me before he heads off to work so I don’t need to worry about that.  Miss K’s hours have increased so John is bringing Miss K to school at least 3 of the mornings a week as I start at 7.30 and Kirsten doesn’t start till 8.  She’s loving the fact that she is getting to go in both of Daddy’s cars.  I hasten to add that she has now been in one of his cars more than me.

This weekend I’m trying to get Miss K to catch up on some of her sleep.  She’s exhausted from her extra hours plus has been fighting a cough.  The Dr gave her some antibiotics but other than the cough there is nothing else wrong. I’m lucky as there are other children with the cough, plus some with croup, others with pink eye and others with strep.  The result of all this was a fall off the slide at school on Thursday.  Thursday evening her face looked quite nasty, but Friday morning there was just a series of scratches on her face.  Do I think she’ll do it again?  Nope….well I hope not.

I will try to get back online in a couple of weeks and give you an update on how we’re getting on.