Our Week in California 10/02/11 – 10/08/11: Wednesday

Apologies all, but things have gotten busy, hence the reason I’ve not updated you on the last part of our trip, although as you’ll get to see this was nothing like the first part.  Also, I have absolutely no pictures for today!

Kirsten woke for breakfast as if nothing had been wrong yesterday and was extremely hungry.  I actually had to slow her down as I didn’t want her eating quite as much as she wanted so there was our first argument of the day!  She is only 4 and we have to remember that.  We also to woke to find it raining quite heavily outside.  John and I discussed it and felt that although we needed to get out for a couple of hours we didn’t want to go too far so we headed to Newport Beach Fashion Island.  One of the reasons for going here was that I’d seen in a pamphlet in our rented apartment that there was a Hanna Andersson store there and I’d bought a number of items of clothing on line from them over the last few years.  I like the fact that the clothes are cotton and that they cater to tall slim children (like Kirsten), plus the store being of Scandinavian origin I am extremely drawn to it.

We had packed rain wear as a just in case so we stayed dry without too much difficulty although Kirsten being Arizona born and raised did complain that she was a little cold.  We noticed that there was an Apple Store in the complex and who doesn’t love one of their stores (well I’m sure there are plenty of you, but we do including Kirsten because they have a children’s computer set up to play while she waits for Daddy to look round).  As we were heading towards the door to leave Kirsten turned round to myself and John and said “I’m going to be sick” we just managed to put our feet out of the door of the store and there we were!  How embarrassed was I?  Of all the stores and Apple Store is always spotless.  The greeter at the door just turned round and told us to go back into the store and use the restrooms to clean Kirsten up (bless him as I was more than willing to take her to the public restrooms).  Again, always prepared I had plenty of wipes etc.  Then, we had just left the main store to go into the back to use the restrooms and there she went again.  Oh no.  The staff were wonderful.  One girl in particular who was the one who cleaned up inside was offering us cups so Kirsten could have a drink to rinse out her mouth, checked that I had everything I needed for cleaning her down, and then sent us away with trash bags for the journey back to the apartment as a just in case….

John sat in the back with Kirsten as we headed back.  His back had started to play up but not too badly.  As soon as we got to the apartment I ran a warm bath for Kirsten, gave her a good wash and put her to bed then ran the washing machine with all the dirty clothes (including hand washing her waterproof).  I sent John back up the street to go and get us both a sandwich from a nice little European Cafe near the Ritz Carlton on the PCH.

The afternoon we did nothing although we both suddenly noticed that twitter was going bananas!  Steve Jobs had passed away.  Maybe Kirsten had sensed this whilst at the Apple Store (nope I’m just being silly).  I told John he could go up to the local Starbucks whilst I stayed and looked after Kirsten.  That way he could have a nice coffee (he had a birthday freebie from Starbucks that needed to be used) plus he could see what was going on.  Remember we had extremely limited internet access in the apartment.  Kirsten’s fever broke around 6pm.

It was an early night for all of us.  Kirsten talked a lot in her sleep that night so I didn’t get a great night, but I was keeping my fingers crossed that she was on the mend.


2 Responses to Our Week in California 10/02/11 – 10/08/11: Wednesday

  1. jennifer says:

    I was so relieved that the illness was so short-lived for Kirsten! And, you know I agree with you about the Apple store! Love that place.

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