Our Week in California 10/02/11 – 10/08/11: Mickey’s Halloween Party

We had decided before ever heading off on this trip that in order to do something new we would also purchase tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland.  There was only really one date option for the week, October 3rd, and by purchasing the tickets in advance we saved $10 per person.  Tickets for the Halloween party only allow you into Disneyland park and the party itself ran from 6-11pm, but meant you could get into the party up to 3 hours before the party started and parking was included (bargain)!

As we knew it was going to be a late night we had a very relaxed morning.  Laugh if you want but we went to the local Best Buy.  The apartment that we had rented didn’t have wifi only ethernet and John and I had taken our IPads so that didn’t work.  Although they were both 3G IPads and we had activated the Data (we have Verizon) the apartment was located in an area where we just could not get a signal.  We had survived a week without contact but two…now you’re pushing it.  So we went to Best Buy to see if there was a relatively cheap way we could set up Wifi in the apartment without access to a full computer.  The answer was nope, and yet, if we had been 3 weeks later now, I believe there is that option as Apple came up with it. Typical!  We didn’t stay at Best Buy too long as it was just a flying visit and Kirsten certainly didn’t want to hang around.  As we headed back to the apartment we stopped off at the Laguna Niguel Chick-Fil-A.  Miss Kirsten’s favourite fast food (we’ve had it about 5 times now).  Again, prior to setting off on our trip Groupon had been doing a deal, I think it was buy $8 for $16 for certain locations and the one closest to where we were staying was on the list and we knew whilst on vacation we would be eating out so why not.  We have only purchased 2 Groupons and they were both used on this trip.  One was for

A Little Snack

Ridermakerz ($15 for $30) and the other was for Chick-Fil-A.  The Ridermakerz Groupon was pointed out on a blog that I follow by one of the Walt Disney World Mums and helped with out when I was first trying to find out about Fish Extenders.

Back to our Monday.

John with his souvenir mug

I had purchased 13 postcards whilst on the Disney Wonder so as soon as I got up this morning I quickly wrote them and got Kirsten to sign them too.  I was raised by parents who believed in the children sending postcards wherever they went and it’s a habit I have not lost.  I may no longer be a child but I send them to Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles etc especially those who do not have internet and helps us to stay in contact now with at least 6000 miles between us and between a 7 and a 9 hour time difference depending on the time of year (don’t forget here in AZ we don’t change our clocks)!  The postcards also all got mailed off during this mini outing.  We then went back to the apartment and took a nap ready for our long evening.

We cheated.  Originally the plan had been to go in full costume wearing our Pirate costumes from the cruise, but then I thought long and hard about whether or not I really wanted to go round the park in my pirate wench costume and decided no!  If you remember we stayed in Paradise Pier Hotel the night before the cruise.  We took the opportunity that evening when going round Downtown Disney to treat ourselves to official Disney Halloween T-shirts and small illuminated/flashing ghosts to hang around our necks for the evening and that was our costume.  I think we arrived around 4pm in the end and were given our wrist bands as we entered the park.  Thankfully there were no complaints from Kirsten as she’d got used to wearing her Mickey band over the previous week.  Of course, Kirsten’s first remark was “Mummy I’m hungry”.  She’s never hungry at home but whenever we go out automatically she asks for food.  I managed to hold her off for 30-40 minutes but by that point I was going insane so we headed in to get ourselves drinks and cookies.  We’re on holiday so we definitely treated ourselves.  While we ate the parade went past so Kirsten was thrilled she got to see most characters and new who was coming based on the music alone!  Trust me she couldn’t have done that before the cruise.  We don’t have the movies of Aladdin or Cinderella (they need to be re-released from the vault).

So what rides did I get to go on with Kirsten.  We went on Pinnochio; Snow White; Kirsten rode the Carousel twice; the Teacups; Dumbo.  John disappeared off on his own for almost 2 hours so that he could do Star Tours and Space Mountain twice which he was really pleased with.  Kirsten and I carried our bags round 4 of the Trick or Treat trails and by that point I announced that we had more than enough candy.  I liked the fact that Disney included raisins, carrots and apple slices too.  Trust me, Kirsten was as pleased with those as the chocolate whereas when we took the shuttle bus back to our car later there were families complaining and saying that they had ditched their “Healthy” stuff.

We only lined up to do 2 character meets and that was Woody, and Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween outfits.  These were an absolute must.  Woody hammed it up totally for the camera and Kirsten couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m glad we got the Photopass pictures because my camera just couldn’t keep up.  It took us almost an hour to see Mickey and Minnie but definitely worth it and the cast members were wonderful at helping to keep Kirsten amused.  I think Kirsten would have liked to see Phineas and Ferb, but by that point Kirsten was crashing fast.  We watched the fireworks (I had Kirsten on my shoulders) and then headed home, well back to the apartment.  It was straight to bed for all of us.  We didn’t do any souvenir shopping as the plan was that we were going to come back to Disneyland and California Adventure Park later in the week especially as I didn’t really get out of Fantasyland this evening.

The range of costumes and the effort that the large percentage of people put into their outfits was absolutely spectacular.  For the rides the evening was definitely worthwhile as the lines were so much shorter than daily openings as numbers are limited.  If I had the option or were giving a

This is not even a third of the contents

recommendation as to whether or not the evening is worthwhile I would give it a big fat thumbs up!


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