Fish Extender Gifts Received

So yesterday I promised that today I would share with you some of the pictures I took of the Fish Extender gifts we received.  There was a wonderful selection varying from chocolates to magnets; from colouring books to tote bags.  This post is not about the words, but the pictures.  I managed to work out who most of the gifts were from as about 2/3 were labelled, but not all of them.  Enjoy!

Hand Sanitizer with a child is always useful!

This was the complete stash that we received.  I think we would be classed as a mid-sized group in that there were 19 cabins that participated.  I have heard of groups that are up to 50 cabins and others as small as 10 or less.

This was all for starters.  Over the course of the week our door had received more magnets too.  We knew who some of them were from, but not all of them.

What I love is all the different gifts.  No 2 were the same.  We received souvenirs of our trip; souvenirs of the countries of those participating in the FE ie from Australia and toys and chocolates to keep the children quiet too.

I don’t know if you remember from my earlier posts that we had one weddingmoon couple participating and one honeymoon couple participating in the FE.  The Weddingmoon couple shared with us some of their wedding music!  Isn’t that a beautiful memory.

Now remember I don’t have individual pictures of everything, but I am doing my best to share with you what I do have including our door at the end of the week.  You’ll have to go through my previous posts to see how our door started off with decorations.

Seeing all the FE gifts have also given me plenty of ideas for next time.  Nope, we’ve not yet booked another cruise.  We didn’t actually take the opportunity to book a cruise whilst on a cruise.  Our next big trip is back to see our family next year for 3 weeks to have them celebrate my 39th plus 1!  No, I don’t actually have a problem in mentioning in the big 4.0.  They say life begins at 40so if in my first 40 years I have already managed to live in the UK, Norway and the US meet my husband and daughter what is going to

My DD was thrilled with the hair clips

happen next?  Sorry I’m getting off the subject here.  My husband and I are then discussing maybegoing to Disney World for a week next October if he has the vacation time and then our next big family vacation will be in 2013 again knowing that we will be planning on going back to the UK again in 2014!  What it is to be a

Some more goodies?


..and this was what was inside

I can’t say it enough, but apologies to anyone who participated in this FE that I have not taken an individual picture of.  Nothing was meant by it, but I was taking the pictures at the same time as trying to pack ready to put the cases outside the stateroom.

Not sure who these were all from (would love to know)

Tomorrow I will carry on with boring you about our trip

Wonderful Souvenir Tote Bag

and let you know the little that I got to see and do whilst taking in the Halloween Party at Disneyland.

..and look at what it contained!


6 Responses to Fish Extender Gifts Received

  1. janice says:

    I’m going to miss it when you stop writing about the cruise. Love your blog!

    Janice (Yukongirl)

    • Janice

      Thanks very much. Glad you’ve been enjoying writing it. I’ll miss doing it on a daily basis although I’ll still be writing, but now I’ll be going back to the age old question of “What to write”.

  2. tracy says:

    tink photo album, key chain, coloring book, tink crayon roll up, and eye patch was from me

  3. tracy says:

    also the Mickey & Minnie Mexican Riviera magnet

  4. Hi Sigrid!!
    Its Jessica of “Jessica and Robb” 🙂 I started reading your blog when we got back and didn’t finish it, now we are planning our next cruise (during halloween), so I came back to re-live the cruise and get ideas since we will be taking the kiddos this time. FYI I know some of the wooden handmade magnets were from the weddingmooners -Kevin & Kammy 🙂 It was hard to remember what came from who and who was who LOL

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