Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 7

Our last full day on the boat is also a full day at sea.  The only place we had eaten breakfast all week, if you remember, was the BBB, so we decided our last day it was definitely past time of trying something new so we went to Triton’s for the A La Carte breakfast.  Have to admit I think buffet style breakfast is far more my scene, but it was good for a one-off.

Kirsten asked to go to Oceaneer’s Club so we dropped her off around 9.45 am.  John and I decided that we would attend the DVC presentation (the last one of the week) in Diversions on Deck 3 at 10am just to find out what it was all about.  Being from Europe anything Timeshare is a big no no and we looked at the idea of buying into Marriott timeshare back in 2006 and decided against it.  It was such a high pressure atmosphere and we didn’t like it.  I managed to win a pin at the presentation for correctly answering a question and then, of course, I volunteered to participate in the demonstration of how to use points too, and got another pin.  I let Kirsten use it later for trading so it definitely had a use.  It was certainly interesting and would recommend people just attend.  There is certainly no high pressure sales, but there are good incentives offered whilst on board.

From here John and I decided we would go to Shutters and sort through our pictures and close out our account so to speak although the CDs with the pictures would not be ready to pick up until bright and early on Sunday morning.  Remember if you had ordered the CD the photo packages were 50% off.  Now you may wonder why we would want the pictures if we had the CD package.  Some of the pictures come with nice surrounds on which you don’t get on the CD so we bought one of the packages.  I still need to sort through those, but getting the trip report done was higher on the priority list before I forget anything.

We collected Kirsten from Oceaneer’s Club at 1.30pm.  As usual she was not happy to see me, but I promised she would be going back later.  We all went to the Beach Blanket Buffet for lunch.  Throughout the meal she kept demanding to go back to Oceaneer’s Club but we forced her to spend some time with us to have some downtime.  We went back to the cabin for a little while too to make a start on the packing.  I dropped her back at Oceanner’s club around 4pm ready for the “Friendship Rocks” show.  This was going to be the practise.  For those of you wondering what the “Friendship Rocks” show is it is a little show that the children put on in the Walt Disney Theatre on the last afternoon with all the other children.  All those who participate get up on stage with Mickey and Minnie and receive a free t-shirt so definitely worth doing.

Before heading to the theater to see Kirsten, John and I took the opportunity to go to the shops and take a last look around and pick up some souvenirs for ourselves then it was time to get a seat in the Walt Disney Theatre.  We were extremely lucky in that although we didn’t see Kirsten heading up to the stage she did somehow manage to get the best spot and was centre of the front row right behind Mickey and Minnie.  The children

With Sabrina our Assistant Server

did a few little songs and there was a slide show with pictures taken around the clubs over the course of the week.  Once the show was over everyone headed back to the clubs to collect their children.  I managed to get some lovely pictures of Kirsten with Maddie and Megan (remember children of other participants in the FE).  I then also took the opportunity to take Kirsten’s Mickey band off and return it.  I decided she wouldn’t be going back to Oceaneer’s Club and I wanted to get this done before the lines got too long.

Dinner tonight was Animator’s Palate.  John and I were excited as we’d still not been here as the previous evening was when we’d been at Palo.  Unfortunately Sabrina informed us that they wouldn’t be running the show as it was the last night on board.  Oh well it gives us an excuse to do another cruise.  We handed our tips to the servers.  I had been saving dollar bills for months in the run up to this cruise to use for tipping.  Admittedly they didn’t really fit into the envelopes (they were definitely overstuffed).    We headed back to our room for a little while and continued with the packing.  Donald Duck tags had been left in our room to be put on all luggage that was being taken off the boat on our behalf (ie we weren’t carrying it off).  This had to be left outside your room by 10.30pm so remember make sure you have clothing for the morning and PJs for overnight with you in your carry off baggage.

Then we headed off to the Walt Disney Theater for our last show, “Remember the Magic”.  We weren’t impressed with this one at all and in comparison to the others felt that this one had just been thrown together.  Personally I would recommend that people use this time to pack instead of going along.  Then we took Kirsten into Mickey’s Mates to pick up some pins and say goodbye to Sammi.  Sammi presented Kirsten with a “Magical Moments” certificate!

We were exhausted both emotionally and physically.  There was no way we were going to be able to stay up any longer so we went back to our room to finish the packing.  There were a few minor issues with the plumbing in our room in that the toilet wouldn’t flush but we called it in and it seemed to fix itself without anyone coming out to the room.  The bags were outside our room by around 10pm.

Goodnight one and all.

On a little side note although Jennifer and family are not mentioned in this post they were definitely not forgotten!


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