Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 6

I know many of you are wondering what happened to Andrew, and I promise I will get there.

We started off with breakfast up at the Beach Blanket Buffet.  Today was a second day in Cabo but this time it was for the morning with the last tender back from Cabo to the boat at 1.30pm.  We had nothing planned except for hanging around the ship wondering how Jennifer, Andrew and family were all doing.  After breakfast we took a short walk and then headed to Guest Services as I wanted to find out if there was any news.  When I’d seen Jennifer in her stateroom last night there had been a member of staff with them who had taken my name and stateroom information in case anything was needed and he happened to be at Guest Services.  He promised he would call my wave phone if he had any information, but all he knew at that time was that Andrew was undergoing tests.

We took Kirsten back to our room and changed her into her swimsuit and took her up to Deck 9 to enjoy the Mickey pool.  John and I set ourselves up with chairs alongside the pool in the shade so that she could enjoy herself.  We decided to give her an hour and then that would be it.  We’d put sunscreen on, but she’s allergic to it on her face and I’d not brought up her hat as I knew it would never stay on her head.  I’d already told John that Kirsten could have until 11am and then we would go back down to our room for a bath and hair wash.  While we were at the pool Kirsten spotted Donald Duck so went over to give him a hug and a tickle.  Kirsten has a think about tickling people and as we walked around the ship over the week she would just randomly tickle people as they walked pass.  Kirsten had a great time in the pool, and was not happy when we told her to go back to the room.  We got back to our room to find a message on our voice mail in our room from Jennifer.  It told us that she was back on board and would love to see us.  I called their wavebands, and Sam the oldest son answered.  He told me that they were up at the Mickey pool swimming (yup we just missed them).  Kirsten lucked out she was still in her swimwear so went straight back up to the Mickey pool.  Meg was up at the pool swimming with Madeline (daughter of SDkt also from Disboards FE).  According to Sam, Jennifer was downstairs at Guest Services trying to work out whether or not it was worth just Andrew and Dad (Steve) staying in Cabo, and Jennifer and the other 3 children finishing off the cruise or should they all get off at Cabo.  We also found out from Sam that they weren’t running tests on Andrew, but that he’d had his Appendix removed overnight as I believe he had had Stage 2 Appendicitus (Jennifer, correct me if I am wrong).

Kirsten got another hour of swimming before we headed back to our room again.  I discovered that Jennifer was now back in her room packing.  I left John to give Kirsten a bath and hair wash and I went down the corridor to see if there was anything I could do to help with the packing.  I’m not sure if I was any help but it was a very wet room (plenty of tears).  They were going to hold the ship in port if necessary until Jennifer was ready.  They were opening Shutters especially for her (shops are shut when in port).  Jennifer had also pre-ordered the CD (I may be the one to blame for that).  I helped Jennifer pack and then said my goodbyes.  I also promised to return Meg’s Mickey band to the Kid’s club.  The staff had told Jennifer to leave it in her stateroom but didn’t want to do this just in case it got mislaid in the confusion and they ended up getting charged for it; and another friend HBMomof2 had borrowed a stroller for her shore excursion.  The cruise line had told Jennifer that if it was dropped off at Guest Services they would ship it back to Jennifer.  I told Jennifer I would pass the message on to Alicia (HBMomof2) just in case she didn’t see Alicia before getting off the boat.  I knew Jennifer needed to feed the 3 children with her, and Kirsten also needed feeding, plus I didn’t want to hold Jennifer up.  I got back to our stateroom just in time to find that Kirsten was out of the bath and needed help in sorting out/drying her hair.  All done, and time for lunch at the Beach Blanket Buffet.

It had been an emotional morning for all of us so after lunch we all took our daily nap.  Kirsten always told us she wasn’t sleepy, but normally within 10 minutes she would be asleep on the sofa (the one that turned into her bed at night).  After her nap she asked to go to Oceaneer’s Club so I thought I’d drop her off and then actually sit back and read somewhere and John was going to go and walk round the ship taking pictures etc.  I dropped Kirsten off went back to the room and sat down and then received a message on the waveband saying she wanted picking up so back I went.  Now I had to find activities to do with her.  Of course all Kirsten wanted to do was walk round the “Disney Store” (Mickey’s Mates to you and me).  We went back in and the first thing she wanted to do was find Sammi.  I told her that we needed to look round the store and leave Sammi in peace for a change.  We walked out the store about an hour later with a few more items including a Disney Cruise Line red fleece jacket for Kirsten in a size 10/12.  Yup, but she’s only 6.  I wanted to make sure she’d get some use out of it!  The length doesn’t look silly, and although the sleeves are long I don’t think it looks silly when you push them up, plus Kirsten was thrilled.

This evening was dinner at Triton’s, and the dress code was semi-formal.  All 6 of us were there.  By now Sabrina (our assistant server) knew that Kirsten would want apple juice and I’d learned that before I even bothered looking at the menu for me I placed Kirsten’s order.  This way food would be out for her within 5 minutes of sitting down.  I have to admit I cannot remember what our servers name was.  Possibly, Hans!

The show was Disney Dreams.  Of course we wanted our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie in their top hats and tails prior to going to the show and thought that giving ourselves over an hour would be plenty of time.  We were in the line before Mickey and Minnie ever arrived (around 7.20pm) and we finally got our turn at 8.10pm.  I will point out that we weren’t far down the line when we actually started.  What we found was interesting was on the evening of the Golden Mickeys when we had our picture taken with Mickey we were informed that he was giving no autographs and we could only choose one pose ie no child and then entire family it was an either or situation down to the fact that there were too many people who would want their picture taken.  We had expected that this would be the case tonight, but no, you could have your autographs and as many poses in as many different groups as you wanted.  The tip would be allow yourself plenty of time (and it is a lot more than you think).  The show was spectacular.  John says that his favourite show was “Toy Story, The Musical“, but for me it would be a toss up between the 2.  This one had a little bit from all the main Disney movies.  Kirsten was thrilled as she got to see Ariel too and this is the one and only time during the entire cruise that you get to see Ariel as the mermaid rather than the Princess.

Over the course of the evening, both before and after dinner, we made use of the photographers I think for our last time.  Around the Atrium I think we used the ship with Mickey sunset; the blue background; the white background; Goofy and then Mickey and Minnie.  Hey we needed to make sure we got our money’s worth on the CD!

A tour around the shops and then to bed we went.

On a side note, the rest of the cruise was not the same without Jennifer and family.  It was difficult explaining to Kirsten that they were no longer on the ship and as Jennifer’s cabins had only been 5 down from us and we had to walk past them everytime we went to ours it was noticeable they were gone as the Fish Extender had, of course, gone from outside their cabin, and the magnets, of course, had been removed from their door.


One Response to Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 6

  1. jennifer says:

    Awwww. Now I’m crying. Thanks for all the nice words Sigrid. You know we feel the same about you – right? And, you were a HUGE help when we were packing. It was SO hard – physically and emotionally – and having you there was not only a help physically, but it was nice to have someone to cry with. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much.

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