Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 5 (UPDATED)

We were due into Cabo around 11am, but our shore excursion wasn’t until 1:45pm.   As per Puerto Vallerta we already had our tickets as these had been in the shore excursion envelope in our room on arrival.

This morning was our character breakfast in Parrot Cay.  How did we know this, it was on our dining rotation tickets that were found in our stateroom on arrival.  We had to be in Parrot Cay for 8am.  There our servers from evening dinner were there ready and waiting.  They warned us that although breakfast would be fun, it would also be chaotic as when a character reaches your table they are not permitted to be there thereby making it easier for you to take pictures as this is up to you.  I think there were 6 characters:  Chip, and Dale (just don’t ask me which one was which); Goofy; Pluto; Mickey; and of course Minnie.  We got a number of photos but in some of them Kirsten looks a little bit grumpy (not showing you those).  A lot of servers made head wear for the guests out of napkins and meal covers.  They were good.

After breakfast, Kirsten asked if she could go to Oceaneer’s Club.  We let her go for an hour to burn some energy.  To tell your the truth I have no idea what I did with that time.  We collected Kirsten and then had an early lunch back at the BBB (got that….Beach Blanket Buffet).  This time we had booked ourselves on the Coastal Highlights.  This was due to start at 1:45pm and we had been told to allow at least 1 hour to get across on the tender.  The tender instructions stated that if you had to leave before 1pm you needed to go to the Buena Vista Theater for tender tickets.  We even verified this with staff so at 12:45 we headed to the Buena Vista Theater and found it empty, tomt (empty in Norwegian)…yup no one was there so we just followed the arrows that had been put up and headed down to Deck 1 where we hopped on the next Tender with no waiting.  It was a little rocky.  Oops just realised I hadn’t explained that there is no actual port in Cabo so the ship anchors out in the bay.  When you look back from Cabo out into the bay it is a fantastic sight.  Of course, we’d been told to allow ourselves an hour for a 1:45pm tour and we were there on the pier at 1pm so we had a little wander just along the harbour side and looked at the pelicans feasting on the off-cuts from the local fisherman.  Kirsten was fascinated watching the fisherman cutting the sword off the swordfish.  John just hoped that wasn’t for dinner tonight.

Our tour guide was Libby.  It turned out she was an American teacher who married a Mexican.  She has now retired and spends Summers in the USA and winters in Mexico.  Highly knowledgeable of the area and would definitely recommend her.  Our driver was Jose.  First stop of the afternoon was a local glass blowing factory.  We had about 30 minutes there and got to see them make a turtle wearing a sombrero.  I was absolutely petrified that Kirsten was going to break something, but I can gladly say that it was not my child, but yes, someone’s did!  Next stop we were taken to a restaurant round the bay.  This time it wasn’t to eat it was purely to see the views of the entire bay of Cabo.  Absolutely fantastic!  Of course everyone got a drink and a potty break too.  Trust me with a 4 year old in tow this is a must!

Next stop was actually the next town.  We went to San Jose and had 45 minutes to look at a few shops.  What I liked was that it was  typical town square and the shops sold local merchandise.  Of course, if you weren’t getting enough free food on the cruise you were given the option of going straight in to the restaurant and ordering some food that you could pick up in your “to go” box to eat on the bus after looking at the shops….really….um yes….I would say 50% of our bus took that option.  Last stop was at a place called Cacti Mundo.  Even though I live in Arizona and there are plenty of Cacti around me it was still worth the 15 minute stop we had there.  We were dropped back in Cabo at 5.15pm and Kirsten had had enough so we hopped onto the next available tender back to the Wonder.  Dinner was due to start at 5.45pm and tonight is Pirate Night!  Even though all 3 of us had bought costumes we decided that we would eat dinner just dressed as we were.

As a quick add in for those of you who were wondering how Jennifer was we hadn’t seen her all day so weren’t really sure.  We headed off to dinner and discovered head scarfs at each place setting so put those on.  At least we weren’t completely out of it.  Dinner tonight was back in Parrot Cay.  We were really getting to know this restaurant, especially table 34!  After dinner we headed to our room to change.  As we were getting changed the phone rang…it was Jennifer.  Over the course of the day Andrew had got no better and she was calling to say that the ship’s Dr wanted him to go to the hospital in Cabo overnight for tests to see if he had appendicitus.  This was a shocker as all week we thought he’d been suffering from constipation (sorry Andrew for sharing).  Jennifer was tearful, who wouldn’t be.  She told me that the option had been that Steve, her husband, would go with Andrew and the rest would remain on board until tomorrow to see what the outcome was, but as Jennifer said, and I’m sure any other mother out there also would, she didn’t want them separated.  DCL was going to hold the ship in port and organise a tender in to town.  An interpreter was set up and a room at a local hotel had been organised.  Jennifer and I just looked at each other and said see you tomorrow.  Tears were in our eyes.  Jennifer is now a friend for life and had become so just through Disboards.  I apologise if I’ve already told you this before.  She is a wonderful person as is her entire family.

We headed up on deck although the Pirate Deck Party was not due to start until 9.45pm we knew there were going to be numerous photo opportunities and we wanted to make the most of them.  I had ordered my Pirate Wench outfit off Etsy.  I had also ordered a full costume and eye patch for Kirsten from Etsy. I had discussed with John what he was willing to wear and he had an embroidered Pirate Mickey T-Shirt; a hat; and an eye patch.

We watched Andrew being carried off by stretcher onto the tender from Deck 4.  Jennifer my heart was extremely heavy at this point!  With a heavy heart we had our pictures taken.  Kirsten kept telling us she wanted to see Meg, but how could we explain that Meg was no longer on board.  We just said that she was busy and hopefully Kirsten would see her tomorrow, Friday.

In order for the fireworks to happen, although we are back in Cabo tomorrow, the ship actually leaves the bay and goes back out to open sea and then tomorrow morning we go back into the bay for our half day back in Cabo.

We bumped into Anne and Hillel (our dining room companions) and went and pottered around Mickey’s Mates for a while.  Kirsten and Hillel both attacked Sammi.  Bless her she kept them occupied in the corner of the store where they imprisoned her for the better part of 45 minutes.  Kirsten and Hillel even imprisoned a couple of strangers in the store!  We then found ourselves a spot to watch the goings on on Deck 10.  Kirsten was getting extremely tired and we made it up until the point that the characters started coming out but she was crashing fast.  I left John up on deck with Anne, her father and son, Hillel and I took Kirsten back down to the cabin.  She screamed all the way, “I want my Daddy”, “I miss my Daddy”, but there was no way she was fit to stay.  We got down to our room and I changed her into her PJs just in time that we watched the fireworks from our verandah.  I got changed and cleaned my teeth by which time she was out like a light!  Daddy got back to the room a few minutes later and told me about what I missed and how people piled their plates high with food from the amazing looking buffet!  I can’t believe how much food the 3 of us missed out on during this trip.  We just couldn’t eat it.  There is way too much.  We still eat like the Europeans we are.

Tonight’s towel animal was a dinosaur for anyone, like my husband and daughter, who weren’t sure.  They wouldn’t believe me so I had to confirm with Neil, our room host.  Anyway, goodnight all.  See you tomorrow!


Jennifer was good enough to remind me what I did this morning whilst Kirsten was at Oceaneer’s Club.  Again in Jennifer’s own words:

I know what you did that morning!!! You sat up with us by the pool while our girls swam and ate. I think you were reading some trashy novel on your Kindle!! LOL

The “us” refers to 3 Mums that I met on Disboards prior to the cruise:  Jennifer_in_MI; sdKT; and HBmomof2.  Jennifer is absolutely right while their 3 daughters were swimming (remember it was Kirsten’s choice to go to Oceaneer’s club not mine) they were sitting chatting.  I don’t think I was being that sociable as I took the lounger on the end, and yes, read my trashy novel on my Kindle (Yes I love my Kindle.  I had a first generation as we were early adopters and then updated to a third generation as soon as they came out.  We have already pre-ordered the “Fire” !


2 Responses to Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 5 (UPDATED)

  1. jennifer says:

    I know what you did that morning!!! You sat up with us by the pool while our girls swam and ate. I think you were reading some trashy novel on your Kindle!! LOL

    Another great update – even if it was the day Andrew got so sick!!!

  2. jennifer says:

    You know what I remember most about being taken off the ship that night? You yelling over your balcony that everything was going to be okay. I needed to hear that. Really. It was SO scary and you calmed me – a little.

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