Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 3

The clocks went forward an hour overnight so there was an hour less to sleep!  I don’t think that really affected people too much.  We took Kirsten up for Breakfast to the Beach Blanket Buffet on Deck 9 this time remembering that we had a Brunch booking at 11am in Palo.  John and I both had a little fruit and toast, but this time just enough to carry us over.  We detoured via Shutters on our way back to our room just to check the pictures.  I think we made a detour every time because there were always pictures to see.  Then back to our room to change into smart.  Remember Palo is no shorts, must wear trousers (pants) and a shirt.  We took Kirsten to the Oceaneer’s Club en route and let them know that we were going to Palo.  By doing this they make a note of it so even if Kirsten wanted to leave the club they know not to interrupt us unless it is an absolute emergency.

Special Merchandise Available

The view from Palo whilst we were eating our Brunch turned out to be Cabo.  Our server, Tony, was extremely knowledgeable, not only about the food but on his geography and things to do if you didn’t have shore excursions booked in either Cabo or Puerto Vallerta.  We had booked for both of these.  The choice of food for brunch was amazing.  To a certain extent it was overwhelming so we indulged, but I don’t think, or didn’t quite feel that we overindulged.  Before we left Tony asked if we would like a plate of pastries to take back to our room with us.  Who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Of course we said yes with the excuse that Kirsten would love to sample some of them.  We left the choice up to Tony!  For those of you who haven’t booked Palo I can highly recommend it.  Yes it will cost you $20 per person, but trust me, that is well spent.  If you want to see if you can get a reservation for either Brunch or Dinner I believe you can go to Wavebands as soon as you get on board.

After brunch it was back to our room for a change then collected Kirsten.  She had just finished learning the “Do Si Do with

The New Mr and Mrs McKenna

Snow White” so timing was perfect. I’d noticed that there were a number of characters who were going to be up in the gazebo on Deck 9 so thought I’d take her up to meet with Lilo and Stitch.  The only thing with the characters up on Deck 9 is that there is no official photographer.  It is up to you to get the pictures and I had already found out that although my camera was fast to start up it wasn’t fast enough between shots and I was missing out on so much of the fun stuff when Kirsten was meeting and greeting with the characters.  The only pictures I was getting was the poses….not that I’m complaining…they are great!  We then picked up a plate of food from the Beach Blanket Buffet and took it back to our stateroom.  I wanted us all to have a quiet time for a couple of hours as we had been invited to a wedding at 4pm on the Deck 7 Aft Overlook.  Kammy and Kevin were getting married.  They were participating in the FE, and had extended an open invite to all of those on the Disboards forum for our Cruise meet.  They had needed numbers prior so those of us that had RSVPd then received an official invite to our stateroom.  A number of other families from Disboards also attended including:  Yukongirl123 and sdKT with their families.  It was surprising how warm/hot it was in the sun, but the setting was beautiful and it was wonderful to be able to take part in such an occasion.  Kirsten and her friend, Madeline, both got to throw wedding petals over the Bride and Groom when they came back out after signing the relevant paperwork.  That was certainly a highlight for Kirsten.  Thank you Kammy and Kevin for sharing such a special moment with us.  Wedding cake was served.

Time to head back to the cabin and change and then we went and spent a couple of hours in the Atrium getting pictures with characters and making the most of the photographers before heading up to Deck 9 for some funnelvision (Monsters Inc) and hot dogs and burgers for dinner.  We decided that what with Brunch at Palo and Wedding cake we really didn’t need the full sit down meal.

Kirsten asked if she could go back to Oceaneer’s Club.  Who were we to argue for a little alone time.  We also bumped into Cinderella on her way out so Kirsten got a little one-on-one time.  Then a few more characters before heading to bed.

Goodnight, sleep tight!  Don’t forget tomorrow we are in Puerto Vallerta!


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