Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 2

Monday's Navigator

Welcome back! I obviously haven’t bored you yet.

I woke around 6am on Monday morning.  Trust me, there is nothing unusual in that as I am normally up by 5.30am.  My daughter is an early riser although due to her late night last night she did not wake till almost 7am.  She and I went and delivered our FE gifts to Decks 5 (only 2); Deck 7 (3 participants); and Deck 8 (4 participants).  When we got back to

Monday Navigator page 3

our Stateroom my husband

Monday Navigator Page 4

was just about ready for us to go up to the Beach Blanket Buffet (Deck 9) for breakfast.  We ran into Jennifer, Meg and Steve (for those of you on Disboards Jennifer_in_MI has a lot of useful info).  Kirsten was thrilled to get to eat breakfast with her friend (remember we only met through Disboards).  Meg was telling Kirsten about the fact that she slept on a bunk bed and as we were in a cabin that only slept 3 she wanted to see what this was about so after breakfast went back with Jennifer and Meg to their room for some “play time”.  Jennifer’s stateroom was only 5 down the corridor from ours so it wasn’t as if I needed to worry or anything.

Kirsten's Autographed Pillowcase

It was about this point John and I realised we were supposed to have had brunch at Palo, but having had a full breakfast we weren’t going to want that now.  We decided a trip to Guest Services was in order.  I needed to go there anyway as I had an embroidered pillowcase to drop off for autographs.  I had purchased this on Etsy and had Ariel (Kirsten’s favourite Princess) embroidered on it.  I left it with a couple of fabric pens and when asked who I wanted autographs from I said anyone.  We found the pillowcase back in our state room on the last night.  Kirsten was thrilled.  With regards to our brunch at Palo we left a message and they, in return, left a message on the phone in our room saying our reservation had been pushed back a day and would now be at the same time on Tuesday instead.  Thank goodness we hadn’t messed that up completely!

Art of Entertaining - Appetiser

John had decided he was going to do the walking tour at 9.30am so I dropped Kirsten off at Oceaneers Club and then went for a wander round the ship. I finished up at Shutters where I signed up for the CD of our pictures for the week.  I make photo books for everything we do and with all our family back in England (not sure if you’ve picked up on the fact that we’re Expats or not) I already knew that I would want the CD.  For the week of pictures this is $279.  If you then find you want any hard copy photos the cost is 50% off.  If you can’t decide what you are going to do hold off until you’ve made that decision as you won’t get a refund on any photos you buy prior to signing up for that CD.  Also if you sign up for a CD and may want to buy some of the hard copies make sure you go to Shutters every day, pull out your pictures and take them to a member of staff to put in

Heading down for Meet and Greet

the drawer for you to sort through later on.  Last, but not least, if you choose a CD make sure you make the most of every photo opportunity that there is.  I bumped into Jennifer as I was finishing off at Shutters, and we went to the “Art of Entertaining – The Appetizer” at Studio Sea (Deck 4 next door to Shutters).  The “Art of Entertaining” was a series being run through the week, but this was the only one I got to go to.  Once finished Jennifer and I went and delivered our FE gifts to Deck 2 (4 participants).

Bottom of Water Slide

Jennifer carried on delivering the remainder of her FE gifts whilst I went back to the cabin for a little while before the Princess Gathering in the Atrium at 12.15.  Jennifer had warned me that we would want to be in line by 11.30am.  Normally I would have said oh no, but having

Meeting the Captain

Jennifer and her daughter there alongside us made it so much easier to keep Kirsten entertained.  Princess gathering was from 12.15 to 12.30, but everyone who is in line at 12.30 will get to see the Princesses (or other characters) no matter if it takes another hour after the scheduled appearance time closes.  You just need to make sure you are in line.  Kirsten dressed in her Cinderella outfit and Meg (Jennifer’s daughter) went in her Belle dress!  All’s well that ends well and the girls are happy.  Now I’m starved how about you?

We had lunch up on Deck 9

All Dressed Up With Mickey

outside.  Some of us had pizza and others had burger and hot dogs.  Hey, if we had really wanted we could have had everything.  Meg had come prepared in her swimsuit so after lunch she went in the Mickey pool.  I hadn’t thought ahead so took Kirsten back down to our room to get her changed into swimwear before taking her back up.  The 2 of them spent about 30 minutes in the Mickey pool and Meg convinced Kirsten to have a go on the water slide (this was Kirsten’s one and only go in the whole week).  Jennifer went off to the Vista Spa to listen to the talk on “Detox for Health, Weight Loss”.  Steve, Jennifer’s husband, took Meg back down to their room to get her changed and John and I took Kirsten down to get her changed.  John and Steve then took Kirsten and Meg to Oceaneers Club and I ran back up to to the Vista Spa to get the rest of the presentation that Jennifer was attending.

Children's Menu

This evening was the Captain’s Gala.  Again, John and I had decided prior to the cruise that we were going to make the most of the fact that we could dress up.  We rarely go out so it was an excuse to buy some new outfits.  I had great fun at the sales plus we had some wonderful opportunities for pictures.  Again, thanks to the advice of Jennifer, we went to the “Captain’s Welcome Reception” in the lobby atrium prior to dinner.  We were really lucky with our dining rotation too as dinner tonight was in “Tritons”.  The theme of tonight’s menu was “Golden Mickeys” as it was also the first big show of the cruise tonight “The Golden Mickeys”.  We decided we didn’t want to go in our evening wear so we went back to our room to change between dinner and the show.  We enjoyed the show although, was not the best of the week.  After the show we had a brief stop over in the stores ie Mickeys Mates (this became one of the many habits of the week).  We made friends with a member of staff called Sammi (also a Brit) who was wonderful with Kirsten every time we went in there.  By the end of the week Kirsten only wanted to go into Mickeys Mates so that she could see Sammi.

En route back to our room we stopped at Shutters to see if any pictures of us were on display and handed them to the staff to put in the drawer for us.  With our towel sculpture tonight, and tomorrow’s Navigator was also a note reminding us that the clocks were going forward an hour overnight.  That’s one hour’s less sleep folks!

We were exhausted.  Goodnight!


2 Responses to Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 2

  1. Jennifer says:

    Again! I love re-living our vacation through you! I wish I had the talent to make up a Trip Report! But, now I don’t have to!!! I’ll just re-read yours. Thanks for taking the time to write it up!

    • Jennifer I have to thank my parents who made me keep a diary for every vacation when I was a child as I spent many of them in Norway with my Grandparents and at the end of either 3 or 6 weeks my parents wanted to know what I had done with my time.

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