Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 1

Drink of the Day

Decorated Stateroom Door

So we’ve boarded.  We were automatically directed in for lunch knowing that our stateroom wouldn’t be ready until 2pm although as we boarded we were then told 1.30pm.  We had the option of eating at Parrot Cay on the 3rd deck or going up to 9th for Beach Blanket Buffet which we were informed would be less busy as it meant going up 6 floors.  We used the lift (elevator) for the one and only time of our cruise to do this.  At this point we each had a carry on and 1 small case too.  I Front page of our first Navigatorwasn’t going to carry those up 6 flights.  On arrival at the 9th deck we were greeted outside with hand wipes to help with the prevention of germs.  This happened before every meal and I thought it was a great idea.  Not everyone washes their hands nearly enough and although this wasn’t going to prevent an outbreak of anything it certainly can aid and maybe drop a few hints along the way.

We were welcomed then with trays/flatware etc and walked along the buffet helping ourselves to large quantities of delights.  Of course you get to the end and there is always someone there to help you carry your child’s tray to an empty table.  There were crew members offering you the opportunity to buy the “Drink of the Day” in a souvenir glass which John did as a one-off.  There were also other staff members trying to get you to sign up for the wine package.  John took a quote, but with him being the only one drinking it was going to be more cost effective for him just to buy a drink if and when he wanted one.  We had also brought on board with us a small bottle of Jack Daniels and 2 small bottles of wine (this is all permitted by Disney).

We were about halfway through our lunch and Jennifer and family appeared up on deck.  During the whole meal Kirsten had been asking when she would see Meg so I have to admit I was thankful when they appeared although we only said hello as I was aware of the fact that they also needed to eat so we headed down to find our stateroom.  Number 6632 is a stateroom with a verandah aft on Deck 6.  Compact but certainly everything you needed was their, and Neil was our stateroom host. I was able to go ahead and put a few magnets on our stateroom door that I had made at home and brought on in my carry on.  Unfortunately the Fish Extender itself was in one of our cases.

Jennifer and Son No. 1 at The Sail Away Pary

There wasn’t too much we could do as only 1 case had arrived thus far and we had been provided with our navigator (daily itinerary) prior to boarding so that we could see what would be going on.  Participating in the FE (well organising it really) we had arranged a “meet up” for anyone that had been on the Disboards thread for our cruise at 3.05pm in the Promenade Lounge on Deck 3.  Why 3.05pm I hear you ask?  I had been informed by people in the know that the

Sail Away Party on Funnelvision

Spa usually did a draw for amazing prizes at 3pm and you had to be present to win, so in order for those that wanted to attend the draw to be present at the meet-up we pushed in back to 3.05pm.  I believe about three quarters of the families were there.  Up until now we mainly knew each other by user name so I made every person introduce themselves by username, name and then their family and ages.  It gave the children in particular an opportunity to automatically made new friends.  Trust me it worked.  They were climbing the walls with each other….literally…sorry Disney!

Leaving the meet-up John, Kirsten and I headed back to our stateroom in the hope that some baggage would have arrived.  Kirsten complained she was thirsty so on arrival in our room we got her a glass of water.  Unfortunately she bit on it and broke the glass in her mouth leaving John and I with a screaming 4 year old, lots of blood and minor panic (we’ve only been on board a couple of hours and haven’t even set sail).  Of course we tried

Downloading to Facebook

getting hold of someone but no one was really at their post.  I called Guest Services though and they put us through to the Medical Center (located down on Deck 1) who told us to bring Kirsten straight down which we did.  At least we learned right off the bat where it was.  It’s OK Kirsten was more shook up than anything else.  She had a small cut on the outside of her cheek and a cut right on the corner of her mouth, but there was more blood than damage.  More than anything it was shock!  When we got back the Stateroom Host was already doing an extra vacuum to make sure he picked up any shards of glass that I hadn’t found.  Unfortunately Kirsten is currently biting everything, but I’ve spoken to a number of other parents who said their children are all doing similar things.

Sunday's Dinner Menu

What’s next?  Mandatory

Drinks and Appetisers

lifeboat drill was 4pm and I mean it was mandatory.  After this a swing by our room and then up to Deck 9/10 for the Sail Away Party.  We found Jennifer and family again.  Kirsten, unfortunately, wasn’t in the best spirits.  She was tired, cranky and still in shock from the glass incident so kept clinging on and complaining that everyone’s


screaming/shouting/partying made her ears hurt.  Then once we had left

Kirsten's Menu

and the ship’s horn played “When You Wish” that really opened the floodgates!  We went back to our room for some downtime and some unpacking.  Before we went to dinner, Kirsten and I delivered FE gifts to those on Deck 6 (our deck).  Six of the 19 families were on this floor and luckily for me all on the same side of the ship too.  I wasn’t the first to deliver we had already received our first gift from “Wideeyedwonder” and a couple more arrived over the course of the afternoon.

Fish Extender in Place

“Wideeyedwonder” also left

First FE gift of the cruise

a little message on the magnetic white board I attached to our door too.

Dinner was at Parrot Cay that night.  We were on a small table although there should have been another 3.  Just as we were finishing an elderly gentleman arrived but I have to admit all we did was say hello.  We had a

Sunday Night's Towel Animal - It's a Swan

relatively early night.  It had been a long exciting day and the day before had been even longer.  We did manage to find Minnie in the Atrium so took the opportunity for some pictures there before heading to bed.

This was our first on board character shot


4 Responses to Disney Cruise Line Mexican Riviera 09/25/11 – 10/02/11: Day 1

  1. Jennifer Kelly says:

    It is SO nice to re-live our cruise through you! Thank you for being so thorough. I felt SO bad for Kirsten at the Sail-Away party. In normal times, I know she’d have been down there dancing away!!! I was so relieved that the cuts weren’t bad. At least you now know where the medical center is!!! Here’s hoping you won’t ever need it again!!!!

    • Thanks Jennifer. With me being so thorough my “Trip Report” won’t be finished for a while as there won’t be a chance to do anything over the weekend. I am so sorry too about you and your family having to spend so much time in the Medical Center.

  2. Tom Canty says:

    Just wanted to thank you for a great post. We leave in 2 weeks on the same cruise, and I feel like I’m living through yours in real-time. I’m anticipating your next post greatly, as day 6 will be my birthday for my cruise, and I want to know what will be happening that night. Thanks so much!

    P.S. Do you have a picture of the theater listings from any other days? Maybe I missed it, but I only see the one that lists the last half of the cruise.

    • No the reason I had this one was because they made changes and therefore the Navigators weren’t going to be current with the information so this was inside our Navigator on the Wednesday night. I think all the listings are shown in the Navigators though. I’m excited for you to go on the cruise. Hope you’re reading the comments too as “Jennifer”, yes, the Jennifer is answering my questions.

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