Ready to Cruise – Getting there and boarding

These was our room key, charge card all rolled into one.  Each one of us had 1 of these cards, although Kirsten's had no charging privileges.Living in Scottsdale, Arizona there was no way that we were going to drive across and board the boat all on the same day.  We organized for ourGiven to us as we checked in. house sitter (remember we have 3 dogs) to move in on the Saturday.  Originally we had booked ourselves in to the Doubletree San Pedro for the Magical Cruise Package (Included breakfast, Disney gift and parking for the week of the cruise amongst other things), but as we got closer to our trip we decided to treat ourselves.  Why not stay in Downtown Disney?  It was only going to be for one night?  I got online at and searched on what was available…Le voila!  Honey, why don’t we stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel with a park view room and they are offering us a deal on a concierge room.  So this is what we did. California Adventure Park This way we could experience Downtown Disney without being exhausted from a long day in the park.  With this in mind we decided to set off as early as we could (this for us was by 8am) and we checked in soon after 3pm.  Unfortunately the first room smelled of cigarette smoke so we reported it and went and waited in the Concierge Lounge (Beach Comber Breeze) until another room was ready for us.  The staff were amazing in following through and making sure that we were happy.  Over the course of the night a photograph was slipped under the door that had been autographed for Kirsten.  Our room, as promised, overlooked the California Adventure Park, and we had it confirmed that we would be able to watch “World of Color” later that evening.  We headed out into Downtown Disney around 5.30pm.  By that point we had enjoyed the complimentary snacks, appetizers and drinks in the Concierge lounge (Beach Comber Breeze) and so weren’t in need of a full meal.  John and Kirsten both wanted Haagen Daas Ice Cream…me not so much.  I’d eaten all sorts of junk as we’d driven across (as you do)!  We got back to our room having shopped and window shopped until we’d dropped.  Kirsten was over tired and over excited with too much junk food.  She needed sleep, but she stayed up until we hadWe had 6 due to the fact there were 3 of us in the room and 2 beds.  Kirsten ploughed through these! watched the show.  We had been told that if we went to the pool area we would then be able to watch the fireworks from Disneyland and that they relayed the music but there was no way we would be able to stay up that late.  Kirsten had also eaten all the chocolates off the bed too!  Tonight was going to be an experiment amongst other things as Kirsten has never slept in a room with us and suddenly she was going to be in a Queen Bed next to us.  Within minutes she was asleep.  That was easy.  Too easy!

Unfortunately around 1.50am Kirsten woke up.  Mummy I feel sick. I loved the little throws on the bed.Made it to the bathroom just in time to avoid a mess but Kirsten needed a good clean up.  Here were the results of today’s activities a 15 minute shower and hair wash at 2am.  Not my idea of fun.  Then I needed to rinse out her clothes and find her spare set of pajamas.  Wasn’t happening I was not rifling through a suitcase.  However, I did have a spare t-shirt.  Guess what you’re wearing now.  Mummy I don’t want to sleep on my own.  I climbed into bed with Kirsten and she was out like a light, as was I, and we both slept until 7am.  Kirsten woke and was hungry and Daddy continued to sleep.  I took Kirsten down to the Beach Comber Breeze and helped ourselves to the buffet.  I restricted Kirsten’s intake as much as I could but there was absolutely no signs that anything had been wrong during the night.

Again, all 3 of us received one of these.10.30am we checked out, making sure we got some photos of Kirsten and Daddy with Pluto in the Lobby and made our way to the port.  I had had to ask the concierge as the Sat Nav in my car didn’t have the address.  All I had managed to get off the internet was World Cruise Center, but Sat Nav wasn’t having that.  It was in our paperwork to check in between 11.30-12.00 and we were there soon after 11.00.  Of course we didn’t have the sense to drop off one of us and our bags before parking so we had to make our way across the parking lot with everything in tow and dropped it off before entering the terminal.  Thank goodness!  We checked in, received our Keys to the World for the Strap that held the device oncruise, and were given Group 8 for boarding.  What to do?  Well there was a line for checking in Kirsten for the on board Youth Activities and having her Mickey Band attached (this meant that she could not be lost, theoretically during the week) and then we spotted Mickey and Minnie on a photo op.  By the time we had finished both of these lines it was our turn toMinnie Mouse in Sailor Outfit board and anotherSeptember 25 - October 2, 2011 photo op as we went on.

What a welcome as we went into the Lobby.  We noticed that everyone else was this family, and that family, but they turned to Kirsten asked her name and said “Welcome to Kirsten and family…” Typical she always get the looks.  With all this going on I was making sure I knew where Jennifer and family were.  Don’t know if you remember Jennifer, but I think I mentioned her in a previous post.  We had “met” on Disboards and Jennifer and her family were participating in the Fish Extender.  They were from MI and had already been on vacation for 2 weeks before the cruise which had included a stop in Scottsdale to visit their family enabling us to meet briefly.  Jennifer has 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter.  Her daughter is 20 months older than Kirsten and they fast became inseparable.  I felt the same with Jennifer but had to remember I was an adult.  She didn’t need me as a shadow!

I’ve realised how long this post is getting and am going to cut it short.  I will continue with Day 1 tomorrow (or in the next few days when I do another post). Apologies for all the thumbnail pictures too, but I didn’t want any of you to miss out on anything.


3 Responses to Ready to Cruise – Getting there and boarding

  1. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Aw. Thanks! We felt the same way about you!!! I was SO happy to have a friend on this cruise. It makes for a really fun experience!

  2. Hi, i should say brilliant blog you’ve, i stumbled across it in Google. Does you get much visitors?

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