Vacation Almost Here

September 15, 2011

Many of you are aware that we are counting down to our vacation.  We are going on a Disney Cruise!!!  Some of you may remember that I mentioned this back in a post in June called “What to Write”  The last couple of weeks seem to have been really busy, and to look at my lists there has been plenty crossed off, but even more has been added on a daily basis.  I’m not sure what I’ve really achieved, but my Fish Extender gifts are getting there!  I’m afraid I can’t share any pictures with you as I have “Friended” a couple of the other women participating in the exchange on facebook and I don’t want the surprises to be spoiled.  There is going to be quite a gap between this post and the next, but I promise all will be revealed next time.  My gifts are a mixture of made by myself; purchased off Etsy (and some are still to arrive); and purchased from favourite stores such as Target (remember this is French pronounciation with the soft “g”).  I’m upper class don’t you know!

We held off telling Miss K about the cruise and the whole vacation as I didn’t want a repeat performance of our countdown to our trip back to England last Christmas.  Seven weeks of countdown chart was just too much for me.  Anyway we broke the news to her last Saturday as I’ve got to the point I really need to consider pulling out suitcases and starting to pack.  Our friend, the house sitter, is coming round on Sunday to introduce her dog to our three and remind herself of the sanity, or not, that is our household.  On Saturday morning I am really excited as we are going to hopefully meet up with another of the FE participants.  Although they live in Grosse Point, MI it seems that In-laws live here in town and they have spent this week travelling/sightseeing from LA to Vegas to Grand Canyon with next stop Phoenix.  We’re going to introduce the 2 girls to each other as we have discovered our cabins are only 3 apart.  What wonderful news for me.  I’m looking forward to some quality time with my husband!

If I get the chance next week I will give a very quick update on how the “meet” went so to speak.  They (or rather the Mums) have already exchanged photos and gift packets so the children are aware of each other.  Another mother in Orange County who is also participating in the FE is also in on this separate “gift exchange” between the girls too.  Hopefully they’ve enjoyed receiving their little packets in the mail as much as I enjoyed pulling them together.

This post is a little mixed up.  Apologies as I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

Talk to you all soon!