Yesterday I had a little pop up on my phone, from my task list, telling me that I was due to update my blog (I think I’ve mentioned that I work with lists and lots of them). At that point I didn’t know what I was going to write about but since I heard the news today I just wanted to write a short note on the goings on.  Many of you know, and then again many of you don’t, but my mother is Norwegian.  My grandmother lives in Oslo as does an Aunt and numerous cousins.  A special thanks to my cousin Eli, who through Facebook has been keeping myself and other relatives in England updated.  To the best of my knowledge all my family and friends are OK in that they are not physically hurt.  I’m sure emotionally there is a lot going on.  What happened today was a senseless act of violence the type of which Norway has ever seen before.  My thoughts are with everyone over there.

In 1990 (I was 18), on finishing my A-Levels, I won a scholarship to attend Seljord Folkehogskole to study Music and, of course, do my best to learn Norwegian along the way.  (Here is a link that will give you a brief explanation on what a folkehogskole is.)  I made some wonderful friends, many of whom I have managed to stay in contact with and even managed to catch up with in the last 20 years!  The people of Norway are a wonderful and caring.  The country is beautiful, and, if you ever have the opportunity you must visit!  It really does look like you see in the pictures.


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