What To Write

So It’s been a good couple of weeks since my last post and I’m fully aware I need to do a blog update, but I don’t feel that I have much, if anything, that anyone really wants to hear about.  Yes, I’ve got plenty going on, but then what mother doesn’t. We can always find ourselves a small project that needs doing, that turns out not to be so small after all.  John went away for the week last week on his company’s annual conference and was gone Sunday morning through Saturday evening.  I gave myself a long list of jobs/chores/projects that needed completing and I’m not sure I got through 50%.  Yes, I know I have Kirsten at home but she was at school for 3 days (21 hours to be exact).

I am a woman who likes lists, and lists of lists.  I have my filofax with my weekly diary and then that is duplicated on my phone so it pops up to remind me in case, for some reason, I fail to look at my filofax.  Oops sorry this one’s not an official filofax.  I’ve been using a planner since I was given one as a leaving gift from my 2nd job about 18 years ago although I’m now on my 3rd planner.  Anyway I then also have a task list on my phone and today, for some reason, I even wrote myself a daily list on a scrap of paper.  So far I’m about 75% of the way through it.  One of those things on today’s list is to update our blog so here I am talking about a whole lot of nothing.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned in previous posts or not, but we’re going on holiday (vacation) at end of September and are trying our very first Cruise.  This one with Disney.  It is leaving from LA and is the Mexican Riviera cruise.  Of course, me being me, I have to make sure that I’ve found out every last tit bit there is to know and have now signed us up for Fish Extenders. For those of you who are immediately wondering what Fish Extenders are, which was the same reaction I had, I found this wonderful blog  called suchthespot.  Now I’m trying to figure out what to do as our gifts.  I think I’ve come up with something so I’m beavering away.  Once I know whether or not it is working out I’ll let you in on it.  I was going to make the Fish Extender myself, but then that would be another project to add to the list and they are being sold on both Ebay and Etsy which I love and can have it personalised etc for cheaper than my time and materials so I’m in the process of having one made for us.  For those of you who haven’t checked out Etsy yet, it is a definite must!  Kirsten knows nothing about our holiday.  She knows there is one coming up, possibly, but that is purely based on the piles of bits that I have going on in my craft room (spare room).  I told John that the last thing we wanted to do was pass on the information as we’d have to go through another 12 weeks of countdown and although I did a 7 week countdown chart for our trip to England last Christmas I don’t think I could go through that again.  Also we are going to stay at a hotel near the port the night before and if we told Kirsten we were going on a cruise she’d just keep asking us why we weren’t at the ship.  I think she knows what a cruise is as one of the books she received for her birthday was Walter the Farting Dog Goes On a Cruise.  We have actually read a couple of books in the series now that we have borrowed from the local library.  I hate to say it but Kirsten loves trying to find the pictures of the “gas” coming out of Walter! On that note I think I’ll leave you until next time.


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