My Mother’s Visit

My mother arrived on May 17 and left Monday evening, June 6.  The time came and went very quickly but we managed to do a couple of things together and yet make it a relaxing trip.  On her first weekend here the three of us, Mum, Kirsten and myself, got up and went to the Peach Festival at Schnepf Farms. We left home around 7.45am and reached our destination at around 9am.  I was amazed at how many people were already there.  We spent a good couple of hours there and came home with a tray of freshly picked peaches (by ourselves), a peach pie, some apricots (we purchased from the store) and various other little peach items.

My mother, bless her, spent Sunday morning turning the peaches into pots of jam and the apricots too.  She also made 2 small crumbles which we put in the freezer for a later date.

We finally got to go and visit the Phoenix Children’s Museum.  I had heard such wonderful things so I was hoping it would live up to my expectation.  Kirsten loved it.  There is so much there to see and do that she had 3 fun filled hours and fell asleep in the car on the way home. We are actually going again next week as Kirsten has a field trip with her new school as part of their Summer Camp. I’m going as a chaperone so I’ve not doubt I’ll be exhausted at the end of that day.

Then we celebrated Kirsten’s 4th Birthday on Memorial day.  We invited a couple of friends over with their children for a BBQ/Pool party. We were 7 adults and 5 kids, and I hope they all had as much fun as they appeared to.  Kirsten is currently going through her Disney Princess phase so everything is Disney at the moment.  She needed new dress up clothes so I had 4 outfits made by 2 separate shops on Etsy.  She got costumes of Belle; Cinderella; Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The local Safeway also made me a beautiful Princess and the Frog birthday cake with chocolate/vanilla marble cake and strawberries.  We were eating the cake for the rest of the week.

Last but not least Mum and I managed to attend a cooking class at Sur La Table together.  Mum had never attended a cooking class in her life and yet she bakes and sells preserves at Cirencester Farmer’s Market back home in England every other week.  Anyway, back to the class.  This one was Summer Treats of Italy. We had a wonderful 2.5 hours that just flew by.  There were only 4 of us in the class so plenty of food for tasting and we even got to take a little home so that my husband could try some of the peach stuffed gnocchi.  The cherry granita and cherry sorbet were exactly the same recipe but one was made with the ice cream maker and the other was just placed in the freezer.  I have to say that the granita/sorbet and the gnocchi were my 2 favourite items of the evening.


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