New Arrival – No, Not Mine

I wanted to congratulate my sister, Nora, and her partner, Steve, on the arrival of their first child, a son, Simson.  He was born on February 3rd at 8.15pm.    They have been wonderful at making sure I get to see plenty of pictures as I don’t know when I’m next going to get to England to see him having only left 3 weeks before he was born.  Yup, bad planning, but we booked our tickets before we knew my sister was pregnant.

My sister also has a shutterfly share site so Steve is making sure he adds pictures for me to see, plus we gave them our original Flip Ultra when we upgraded so he’s also posted a couple of video clips showing them out for their first family walk, and Simson’s first trip out in the car (other than his return from hospital).

So you’re wondering why he’s called Simson.  This is Steve’s mother’s maiden name and it is to make sure the name doesn’t die out.  My name is Gregory and I gave my daughter, Kirsten, the middle name of Greer, which is apparently the female form of Gregory for exactly the same reason.


One Response to New Arrival – No, Not Mine

  1. Anett says:

    a beautiful boy. Congrats as an auntie. Got no children on my own, but being an aunt is pretty fab as well 🙂

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