Halloween 2010

…and now for the third post of the day, Halloween.  This was the first time since we moved into our home 8 years ago that we didn’t sit out on the driveway handing out candy to all the local children.  A wonderful friend of ours, Sunny and her husband JW,  invited us to go to their house and join them and their 2 young children trick or treating.  We jumped on the chance.  Here at home we typically have 250 or so trick or treaters.  That is no joke as I ran a tally one year just to check.  Anyway this normally meant about 35lbs of candy and the expense was horrific not to mention the temptation.  Sunny and JW live on a very quiet back road so to speak where they haven’t had any trick or treaters in 15 years.  Sunny had put up a notice on the mailboxes letting the neighbours know that she would be round with a couple of preschoolers and if they wanted to participate they should leave their porch light on.  About 6 homes participated.  We went out soon after 5 and were home just as it got dark.  The children had enough candy/chocolate but not too much and then they had the rest of the evening to calm down.  If we’d have been at home Kirsten would have received excessive amounts of candy and chocolate and would have ended up crashing from the sheer excitement of the goings on in our neighbourhood.

In the run up to Halloween we also had numerous parties.  This year I decided to spend a little more on Kirsten’s costume and bought it through Etsy.com.  This is an amazing site if you haven’t used it where you can buy thousands of different one of a kind items.  I custom ordered Kirsten’s costume of Little Red Riding Hood back in August and it took about 3 weeks to receive.  The store was:  http://www.bellajeanboutique.com/ The quality of Kirsten’s costume was wonderful and was 3 pieces:  A dress; bloomers; and a wonderful cape.  Kirsten has now worn the set 4 times:  preschool; gym twice (once for parents’ night out and secondly for their party) and then of course the night itself.  For trick or treating I had bought John a wolf mask so he could be the Big Bad Wolf.  Unfortunately Kirsten was petrified of the mask so it spent most of the night on the back of Daddy’s Yes, Kirsten is scratching her now whilst the picture is being taken.head.  I, of course, was Grandma, although I didn’t wear glasses because with the sun setting I couldn’t see a thing.


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