Back To School

August 12, 2010

Can you believe it…finally the day has come and Kirsten went back to preschool  on Monday after almost 3 months holiday.  She finished on Friday 19 May and went back Monday 9 August.  It’s been a long hot Summer.  We had already decided that she was going to go for 5 days a week but were only planning on having her there from 9-12 but we bumped into the Mum of one of her classmates at Anthem outlets a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned that her son would be there till 2pm (he’s also a high energy child like Kirsten).  That made up our minds for us and Kirsten is now staying until 2pm.  We’ve just finished day 4.  She’s also having 3 swim lessons a week until 3rd week of October.  She’ll be having 2 at the local YMCA (Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes) and will continue her weekly lesson at Aquasafe but that has now moved to Monday afternoons.  The last 3 nights she has slept through till 7am which is unheard of so it just goes to prove that she needs to be both mentally and physically exhausted in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Over the Summer I have done a little quilting.  I completed the “Pinwheels and Paperdolls” quilt based on the Cowboy Baby Quilt from the Material Obsession book.  It is now on Kirsten’s bed.  I even made her a couple of matching pillowcases.

I also finished the binding on a couple of the “Schnibbles” quilts that I did in Miss Rosie’s Quilt Club so they are all finished.  I’m giving some of them away as gifts and keeping the first, “Picnic”, “Roundabout” (That I made for John), and the lone star, “Center Stage” as they are my first, and my last from the club.

Now we’re getting excited as we have 2 trips coming up.  We have our week away in Dana Point, California at the end of September and then I am going across to England for the entire month of December with Kirsten, and John will fly over a couple of weeks later.  We will all fly home together first week of January.  We think we have managed to arrange house sitters for both sets of dates which we are really pleased with.

Last but not least I have now been working with the doctor for almost 2 months with regards to weight loss and have spent about 6 weeks taking thyroid (natural), testosterone and vitamin including B12 complex shots.  My weight is very slowly coming off although John’s has fallen off (about 15lbs to date).  I’m also having a fortnightly weigh-in using a bod pod too.  Everything is being monitored.  I had a second round of blood tests about 3 weeks ago and was told my thyroid numbers are at least going in the right direction.  On top of all this I am using my Bodybugg to monitor both calories in and calories out and my doctor is monitoring my food log.  Nothing like doing everything I possibly can.  So far I’ve lost about 8lbs.  I’ve got about another 12-15lbs to go till I reach my goal.  If I’m lucky I’ll reach it before I come to England.

If I’ve missed anything I apologise and if I’ve rambled too much I apologise too.