Sickness and Quilting

July 6, 2010

Yes the two do go together.  Kirsten spent last week sick again.  She had some mild pains on Friday night but we didn’t really think much of it then on Sunday she started the day with a very runny nose and finished the day with a high fever.  From there we then went to vomiting etc.  On Monday morning I took Kirsten to the doctor and they ran tests for strep; flu and bladder infection but everything came back negative.  They told me it must be a virus and therefore would run its course in 8-10 days but in the meantime I had to do my best to keep Kirsten hydrated as the tests did show that she was on the edge of dehydration.  Of course it was the hottest week of the year so far and we couldn’t go swimming, and it was also the last week of camp for her.  Not a good week for me food wise.  Kirsten just wanted cuddles and affection.  Anyway we found what worked was to put her on the bed in the guest room with the television on, a cup of juice, a box of tissues and some snacks in the hope that she would eat and my sewing room door is opposite so I could get on and do some work.

Back at the start of May I did a day’s class at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe which is my local quilt shop here in Cave Creek.  One of the teachers had done a beautiful baby’s crib quilt that she called “Pinwheels and Paper Dolls” based on a baby’s quilt (“Cowboy Quilt”) that she had seen in a book called Material Obsesssion (  My good friend Sunny collected Kirsten from school that day and took her home to play with her 2 children so that I could do a full day’s class.  My plan was to make the quilt big enough to fit on a full size bed when Kirsten converted from her toddler bed to her twin (English single) which turned out to be over the course of this weekend.  Anyway back to the quilt.  The reason the teacher called it Pinwheels and Paper Dolls is the fact that one of the fabrics she used has what looks like the old fashioned paper dolls on them and she “fussy cut” them (made sure you saw the whole doll) to include them on the quilt.  The quilt is made up of blocks of pinwheels.  The crib quilt had 9 blocks and I worked out that mine would need about 40.  With Kirsten sick and the fact we couldn’t go out anywhere I managed to catch up on sewing the remainder of the blocks and then creating the rows and sewing the rows together to make one large panel.  Today I will be going back to the quilt shop to choose a fabric to use for the inner border and then the outer border will be long strips of the dolls.  I still have to choose a backing and then I’m going to get Whitney (one of the owners of the quilt shop) to quilt it all for me before I have to bind it.  I’m also going to buy some more of the fabric and make a couple of matching pillowcases.

I’m hoping you can follow this link to see how the quilt has progressed:  (