Almost Halfway

June 16, 2010

Wow.  Apologies for the delay in the next post but as usual we keep ourselves busy.  My Mum came out on 11 May – you remember the trip that she was originally due to make in March but was postponed due to British Airways striking.  Anyway she was due to return to England on June 1st but guess what?  British Airways went on strike again and her return flight was cancelled so she was here until Sunday 13 June.  This suited me fine.  Kirsten had finished Preschool for the Summer back on 19 May and John had to go on his Company’s annual conference on Saturday 5 June and wasn’t due home until evening on Thursday 10 June.  This meant that I actually had company myself for the 6 days John was away and that Kirsten had someone else to fuss over her too.  Kirsten is actually at camp at her Preschool for the month of June.  She’s going Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-12 and calls it her special camp out.  She is still having her swim lessons on Thursday mornings but we’ve discovered that although she can swim a width of their pool unaided by rotating from front to back whenever she gets tired she doesn’t behave the same in our pool.  As we now have a YMCA about 5 minutes from home I have signed her up for swim lessons there too, so for the entire Summer (June/July) she has a second swim lesson Mondays — Thursdays for 30 minutes every afternoon.  The difference it made in a matter of a few days as to her confidence outside!  She’s exhausted in the evening and it’s a nightmare to get the dinner cooked but I would rather she were safe around water.  She’s now teaching some of her toys to swim in the bath every night too by practising back floats and kicking with them.

Can you believe Kirsten has turned 3!  Celebrations were long and drawn out due to Kirsten having strep!  We thought she had a stomach virus as I was then sick over the weekend too, but when we went for her 3 year check-up a week later we talked to her doctor about it and mentioned she was still suffering a little.  The doctor took a throat swab and told us she was positive for strep…oops! So she went on antibiotics and is absolutely fine now.  Anyway due to being sick we had to postpone her party at Build-A-Bear and also didn’t get to have a BBQ at home on the day as planned.  We finally had our trip to Build-A-Bear on Friday.  There were 6 adults and 6 children and the children had a $25 limit to spend on building their bear.  Fun and chaos all around.  No they don’t just have to build teddy bears, there are dogs, monkeys, Hello Kitty and all sorts.  Kirsten went home with a very hippy colourful looking bunny another child went home with a Hello Kitty and a little boy went home with a Coyote.  You choose your soft shell, then how hard/soft you want to stuff it and then do you want to give it clothes etc.  Kirsten was exhausted at the end but slept for 25 minutes in the car then crashed (ie couldn’t cope any more) but didn’t nap once she got home.  We all had to suffer that afternoon.

While my Mum was here we took Kirsten to the photographer.  Partly to commemorate her 3rd birthday but also as we had got pictures of the 3 generations of us together when my Mum was here for her 1st birthday so we wanted to update those pictures.  Here are a few of them.