Summer is coming

May 7, 2010

Well it’s been another month and I’ve completed my first triathlon.  It was a wonderful day.  I set myself a target of 90 minutes or less to complete the 400 metre swim; 8 mile bike ride; and 2.25 mile run and finished in 79 minutes and 59 seconds which I was over the moon with as I did the 8 miles on a mountain bike and could barely feel my legs to run.  I had originally informed people that this was a once in a lifetime event that I could take off my bucket list but loved every minute of it and am planning to do a couple more in the Autumn/winter.  They will be sprint triathlons again but most of the sprint seem to have shorter swims but slightly longer bikes.  My plan is to get a road bike slightly later in the summer and I suspect that the running will then be a little easier as I won’t be putting quite so much effort into moving as fast.

Kirsten continues to go to swim class on a weekly basis and has now been moved up a level.  She stays at exactly the same time and with the same coach as the other little boy in her class, Ryan, has also moved up.  The difference now is that we are seeing the coach try to teach them stroke technique.  Yup, he is trying to teach Kirsten front and back crawl which is funny to watch as even I don’t do that very well.  Swim season is almost upon us so this year I am certain Kirsten and I are going to spend many hours out in our own pool.  The school year finishes here in 10 days time.  So far I’ve signed up Kirsten for 3 weeks’ of camp at 3 days a week.  John is also going to be gone for a week at the start of June for his Company’s annual conference.  This year they won’t be at The Ritz at Lake Las Vegas as it has closed so they have been moved to The Ritz at Dana Point, California.  I had originally planned to go with Kirsten but decided about a month or so ago it just wasn’t worth it as Kirsten wouldn’t get to spend any time with Daddy anyway.  We’ll try and get across to California for a family holiday towards the end of the summer or even once she goes back to school as the prices will go back down again.

My mother is due out on Tuesday.  This is the trip that was postponed originally due to the British Airways strike in March.  Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the volcanic ash doesn’t put a halt on planes again as I know airports in Scotland and Ireland were closed for a day this week.  It would just be our luck.