March/Early April

April 7, 2010

OK so in the 2 weeks since I last posted John’s grandmother also passed away.  You will remember from my my previous post that Grandad had died due to terminal cancer.  Nan lasted an additional 4 weeks and 1 day.  My thoughts go out not only to my husband, John, but also to his amazing Mum, Dad, sister and husband too.  Due to a variety of reasons John did not get to make it back for any of the funerals.

Thanks to British Airways, not, my mother didn’t make it out either.  For those of you not aware, they have had 2 separate strikes since my last post.  Ma, as she likes to be known, is now rescheduled to come out mid-May for 3 weeks and will be here for Kirsten’s birthday instead of mine.  There were pros and cons.  It mean’t that by not having Mum here we didn’t go out for my birthday last week and we won’t have our babysitter here for when I attempt my sprint triathlon this Sunday, but thanks to a wonderful new friend, Melissa, John still gets to come and support me on the big day.  Kirsten gets to spend the day with her best friend, Siena, from preschool and Siena’s 2 sisters.  Oh what fun she’ll have and she’s rounding out the day with a birthday party.  She’ll sleep well on Sunday night as will I!  Back to the pros – Ma will be here for 3 weeks instead of 2.5 weeks at no additional cost as the time of year is more expensive and the pool will now be warm enough to use rather than the 60 degrees that it currently is.

So what did we do to celebrate my birthday.  We had take-out from Pei Wei on the day itself to save me from cooking otherwise it was a normal weekday.  On the saturday before we had a lovely family day.  We started the day out by going to “Sprinkles” ( ).  It’s a fancy cupcake store that has a number of locations throughout the USA.  We’d never been before although my neighbours had treated me to a Red Velvet cupcake on Valentine’s Day.  This time we went and bought ourselves half a dozen plus a couple of mixes to take home.  From there we went and spent the morning at McCormick Railroad Park ( ).  Kirsten had great fun riding the carousel and train.  Daddy took her on the rides while I got 30 minutes alone time with my kindle!

In the evening we met up with another English friend, Sunny, and her 2 children, Olivia and Jamie, at the english fish and chip shop, The Codfather, located at 16th St and Bell ( ).  We’ve decided to make it a monthly meet-up for a group of us.  Hopefully it will work out.

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