The first quarter!

March 23, 2010

OK , so it’s about a month since I last posted and as usual a lot has happened.  Marbles is settling into the fold and we’re now having less accidents in the house.  I can also say that Kirsten is fully potty trained and I’m about ready to take the nappies off her at night and see how she does as she is dry every night.

John has been sick but after 2 rounds of antibiotics he is recovered although he is having a follow-up visit to the doctor.  Unfortunately in the last month we lost John’s wonderful Grandfather, Cliff, to cancer.  He will be greatly missed.  We have also lost 2 other members of our extended family in the last 2 months, Vi and Betty.  Our condolences go out to Chris and Paul in Slough for the loss of Chris’ mother, Vi, and also to Robert and Carol Jobson for the loss of Robert’s mother, Betty.  

 John’s lovely grandmother has been moved into a nursing home and my grandmother in Norway took a tumble and has spent the last couple of weeks in recovery but after an email from my mother she is apparently due to return home in the next week.  At the same time I also found out that my Dad took quite a tumble off of his bicycle.  It seems that he was knocked about badly but thank goodness for helmets as it turns out he has absolutely no recollection of getting home! Yes, I make sure John wears a helmet when he goes out and carries a mobile phone with him too.  As for ID I think I need to invest in one of those ID bracelets for him.

Now onto the brighter side of life.  My mother, Anne-Lise, is due out for her semi-annual visit on Sunday providing her flight doesn’t get cancelled as she is due to fly with British Airways.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed as this will be the first time since we moved out that she has been here to help celebrate my birthday.

Last but not least I continue with my quilting.  I have now had my first 4 quilts quilted by taking them to the local shop, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.  Whitney did a wonderful job.  You will see that the most recent “Roundabout” I actually made larger as the pattern gave you the option for 2 sizes.  John told me that I’d been making blankets and quilts for everyone else so this one is for him.