Another Week, another family addition


So I will start by saying no I am not pregnant.  For those of you who don’t already know we have purchased a puppy.  Was it planned?  No it was spur of the moment so to speak.  We’ve talked about it on and off for a while, but always talk ourselves out of it.  Saturday morning we went down to Scottsdale Fashion Mall just to walk around and not spend much, if anything and ended up coming out of the pet store with a puppy.  He is a 2.5 month old cocker spaniel that we have named marbles due to his colouring.  Mohawk will be 7 in April and Charlotte will be 7 in August.  Charlotte has many issues and the concern is that if something happens to one of them the other will not cope being on his/her own.  Yes it is additional work for me at the moment but hopefully with 2 older dogs he’ll fit in soon enough.

We also spent last week working more with Kirsten’s potty training.  School turned round to me the previous Friday and said that she was more than ready as whenever she saw another child use the toilet she would then ask to use it too.  I think we’re almost there.  Yes, I’m still using nappies for nap time and overnight and admittedly used them on Thursday after swim class and Saturday when we went to the mall but most of the time she’s not using it and waiting to be put on the toilet which is great.

Yes I continue with my sewing although today I made a “no sew blanket” which I think the title speaks for itself.  Kirsten now has a best friend and her name is Siena.  Siena turns 3 and so we attending her birthday party on Sunday so I decided to make a blanket.  Oh my goodness so easy to make why didn’t I try it sooner.


One Response to Another Week, another family addition

  1. John Browning says:

    I did get the comment you left on our blog during our Hawaiian vacation. It is a small world in many ways. I always assumed that we had the market cornered using John & Sigrid, but I now know that it isn’t true.

    I was born in the US, but my grandparents on my mother’s side were Finish. Browning is obviously an English name although I have relatives from other counties mixed in. My other grandmother’s ancestors were all from the Netherlands.

    My Sigrid is from Germany. She grew up in a the small town of Hitzkirchen which is about 60 miles north and east of Frankfurt. She married a US soldier while in Germany and then came to the US. They divorced and we met some years later.

    Anyway…..we may meet again indirectly as we try to come up with future names for blogs or web sites and we find that they are already taken by someone else.


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