Kirsten’s First School Report

Another thing I forgot.  Kirsten received her first school report in December entitled “Mid Year 2’s Observation“.

So hear it is.

Teacher’s Names:  Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Varley

Evaluation Key:

4 = Always; 3 = Often; 2 = Sometimes; 1 = Not Yet

Social Development:

Plays independently in classroom environment = 4
Enjoys outside time in the playground = 4
Interacts with others during playtime = 4

Work Habits:

Engages in play without being overly prompted by a teacher = 4
Sits in circle time with friends = 3
Gives verbal responses during circle time = 3
Helps clean up after playtime = 4
Follows simple directions given by the teacher = 4


Separates from parents without excessive difficulty = 3
Verbal skills emerging (verbally labels objects, colors and friends by name) = 4
Life skills emerging (sharing & taking turns) = 3


“Kirsten is a pleasure to have in class.  She plays well with the other children and loves circle time.”

John and I thought that this was a very good first report.  We have to remember she is only 2.5!!


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