New Year, New Schedule…Cookie Monster and Me

Kirsten started back at school and swimming this week.  There was a change for both of them.  I think I previously mentioned that she was being moved from the “Young 2s” class to the “Older 2s” class and was moving from 2 mornings a week to 3 mornings a week.  There were actually 6 children moving up from her class but of as it turns out of those 6, only 2, Kirsten and her best friend Siena, were doing all 3 days.  What was also nice was that only one of the teachers changed as Ms Buchanan works both classes as they are different days and now Kirsten has Ms Askew instead of Ms Varley.  Kirsten will still get to see Ms Varley as she will substitute when one of the others is sick or unable to be at school for whatever reason.  Anyway as I said absolutely no problems.  Kirsten went in and came out without a care in the world and all full of information.

Kirsten left school yesterday with a toy cookie monster in a lovely homemade mini backpack.  The 2s classes share this and this is the information I received:

Kirsten has been assigned the very special job of taking care of our classroom pal, “Cookie Monster” during the weekend of January 8th.  Cookie Monster will travel back and forth between our classroom and all of the classmates homes of the next few months.  It is necessary to keep track of Cookie Monster and return him after the weekend’s stay at your home.

Please help your child write a story of the weekend he spends visiting with your family.  You can write it as long or as short as you want.  The important thing is that you encourage your child to do the thinking and write down what your child wishes to share.  You can add a photo also if you want.  When Cookie Monster returns to our class on Monday, your child will share with the class his or her journey with Cookie Monster.

Any questions please let us know and have FUN!!!”

So we went straight into the scrapbooking store right next to the preschool as we left and I asked what they had in the way of Sesame Street.  Kirsten decided to clear the shelves.  We have enough to make 3 scrapbooks of our weekend with Cookie Monster.

I will keep you posted.

I’ll try and update you later about how the swimming class went…but it was fine.  I have to go as Kirsten has just woken up.


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