New Year New Schedule…and the rest (Part 2)

OK back to the Cookie Monster project.  Right next door to where Kirsten goes to preschool there is a scrapbooking store so I thought as we were right there we could pop in.  I asked the shop assistant what they had in the way of sesame street stickers after finding a little plain scrapbook and she showed us a huge array.  Kirsten thought this was wonderful and took 1 of everything off the wall.  I also got a few bits of paper.  I suspect we’re going to go back to the scrapbooking store, or I will today after Quilt Club and pick up another 2 scrapbooks.  That way she can make another 1 for each of the sets of Grandparents as we certainly have enough stickers.

Yesterday afternoon I had to get my car fixed as the tailgate on the Odyssey wasn’t working so Cookie Monster came with us.  The new camera I got for Christmas (compact for my handbag) is being put to work and so far we have pictures of cookie monster watching the bath be filled for bathtime, preparing for cleaning of teeth; visiting Daddy at the office; trying out Skype with Kirsten at the office (just between staff) and waking up with Kirsten this morning.  I’ll have to print them out tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) so we can make the scrapbook although I might start today as I don’t want to have to do everything Sunday afternoon.

Last but not least was swimming on Thursday morning.  I told Kirsten we were going swimming and she said “you come too”.  I told her that Mummy would watch but she would go in the water on her own.  It is exactly 23 months since we started swimming lessons so it is a long time for the 2 of us to have done something together so regularly.  Kirsten then said “Coach Mark”.  He has been a great Coach and worked with Kirsten for the better part of the last year.  Nope not the same Coach either as Mark only works on Wednesdays.  We were starting with Coach Richie.  Kirsten had to line up this time and wait for her coach to come and get her.  There was some clinging and a lot of screaming as Coach took her into the water and I sat down in the spectator gallery (on the other side of the glass) to watch.  It was then a learning curve for both of them as her new coach was also one of the few that had never seen her in the water or worked with her at one time or another.  Although Kirsten screamed a lot of the class she actually did almost everything that was asked of her.  She is now in a “semi-private” class so there should be 2 children but this week at least Kirsten was on her own which I felt was even better as she could get to know her “new” surroundings without too much going on.  I’ll keep you informed on how she progresses.

Last weekend Kirsten had another severe bout of constipation.  I knew something wasn’t right when she woke up during the night and wanted cuddles, but it took until mid-morning to discover what the problem.  She was in severe pain during Sunday and I was trying everything to not have to take her to ER.  Thankfully at about 4pm persistence paid off, but it wasn’t until yesterday, Friday, I could say that the constipation had finally cleared.  I went out and bought Soy milk earlier in the week to see if switching to that instead of cows milk will make a difference.  Until we can fully sort out the constipation we are going to have problems with the potty training.  On that subject as long as I take her to the toilet I’d say 75% of the time she does something but no 2s (sorry for the graphic explanation) is definitely not in the toilet!!

I’ve got my half marathon next Sunday so that will be the next update.  Talk to you all soon.


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