Happy New Year


Happy New Year one and all.  As usual apologies are tenfold for not having updated.  We had a wonderful Christmas watching Kirsten try to understand the concept of what was going on.  Next year will be even more exciting.  She now wakes up every morning asking for presents.  It’s back to school as of Monday and she will now be going 3 mornings a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as she has been moved up with a couple of other children to the Older Twos class.  No she’s not yet potty trainined.  I was going to spend Christmas doing that but then she ended up with a cold (and so did I) so decided that was just too much to handle.

We have also spent Christmas converting Kirsten’s bedroom from that of a baby to that of a toddler.  The only thing remained the same is that she is still sleeping in a crib.  She has shown no signs of trying to climb out so in that case why push it.  It will ultimately convert to that of a toddler bed.  Boxing Day the 3 of us took a trip to Ikea (no hoards here in Phoenix, not like if we were back in England) and then I spent the next few days putting the storage furniture together.  Her room now has her kitchen, tables and chairs (for tea parties) and plenty of storage.  We actually bought too much storage to allow for new items…which you know she’ll get.

Last but not least I’ve been trying to clear out the clutter around the house.  We donated the bed that we shipped from England together with the matching furniture (3 bedside cabinets and a small chest of drawers) to the family that Infosol (where John works) sponsored for Christmas.  It turned out that they had 10 children and some of them were still sleeping in toddler beds.  We’ve also cleared a number of the empty boxes out of the storage room and yesterday the workout bench went to a work colleague of John’s.  I don’t know if I told you that we had sold the free weights and the storage rack at the end of the summer or not.  Currently what was the gym still has the treadmill in it but I’m using it more as a sewing room as many of you will know I’m really enjoying that at the moment.

I have signed up for the next Fitness Challenge at the gym.  I only lost 5lbs during the last one, but did lose 6% body fat.  I’ve got the Phoenix Half Marathon in 2 weeks (won’t successfully run it, but I’ll make it to the end) and I’m signed up for the triathlon mid-way through April so that will keep me motivated to try and finally lose these 10lbs minimum that I want to lose.

Anyway better go as Kirsten has woken up and I can hear her over the monitor.

Again, Happy New Year to you!


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