Free Time – Oh Definitely!

October 8, 2009

Well Conrad and Marie Claire left on Monday night.  Congratulations to the pair of them.  For those of you who aren’t aware they drove across to Las Vegas during their stay and got married.

At the Drive Through
At the Drive Through

The next piece of news for those of you wondering is that Kirsten had her first audition on Friday afternoon.  I’ve never seen so many toddlers in such a small area.  The children went in in groups of 3 and they were auditioning for a toddler fitness section on local television.  The producer apparently realised that 2 year olds weren’t capable of actually following the instructions but we still went ahead with the audition as we were there.  I felt that Kirsten did a great job but knew basically then and there that there was little, if not, no chance of her getting the job.

Some of you are aware that I went and had an ultra sound last week.  No I am not pregnant and we never really suspected I was but I had been suffering from nausea for about a week and also have intermittent severe cramping which is a problem I’ve had for about 18 years off and on so I decided to go to the doctor.  He was concerned that it maybe a gall bladder problem.  The ultra sound showed nothing but I had also been put on some “over the counter” medication for a week and I have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday morning.  He was also talking about doing some further tests as there is a chance that my gall bladder is not working correctly.
Next it is that time of year again and I have signed up for the next Fitness Challenge at the gym.  It is called “Fall Into Fitness” this year and the kick-off is Monday evening and runs then for the next 8 weeks (finishing approximately mid-December).  Simultaneously to this I have signed up for a number of 5k runs:  Race for the Cure Phoenix ( this takes place on Sunday; New Times 5k run ( which takes place on November 8; the Lumineria Run in Cave Creek ( on December 5th; Tri for the Cure sprint triathlon ( on April 11th next year; and last but not least my plan is to sign up for the Phoenix Half Marathon ( which takes place on January 17th, 2010.  I am going to a training launch party this evening and the plan is to sign up there and then run a 5k with them (  A friend/neighbour of mine is also taking part and that is what has convinced me I can do this.
You can see with all this going on whatever free time I/we have is to be spent training.  Kirsten will be getting out for plenty of fresh air.  Of course next week we go off for 5 days for a family holiday to San Diego and then John’s parents arrive just in time for Halloween on 29th October.
Best wishes to you all