Guests Arriving

So, our first guests arrive this evening at Sky Harbor (Phoenix Airport) at 17.10.  It’s my parents (Sigrid’s parents).  They are with us until September 20th.  Then Conrad and MC arrive on September 21st and stay with us until October 5th.  We’ve then got a few weeks free so have booked ourself our first real family holiday.  We’re going to go to San Diego from October 18 – 23rd and the dogs are booked into Raintree Pet Resort.  Then last but not least John’s parents arrive on October 29th just in time for Halloween and leave on November 16th.  Yes it’s the busy season.

Kirsten is loving school.  The problem is I can’t mention it on a non-school day as she’s immediately telling me to get shoes on, find my bag and get the car started…not that she’s keen or anything.  We’ve dropped gymnastics.  I wasn’t sure if I’d over scheduled her anyway, but when we arrived at class on Monday we found the other 3 had all transferred to another day due to their siblings starting school and parents not wanting to make 2 visits to the same place in a week.  When I spoke to the owner she asked if I could transfer Kirsten to another day as she wanted to cancel her class and I said that wasn’t possible.  Also I realised that Kirsten needed at least the company of one child as Monday’s class was a bit of a failure as Kirsten had no competition.  In the end we decided that I would just stop Kirsten all together.  This is fine as with all the guests arriving she gets a little extra time to be spoiled (as if she needs more spoiling).

Hopefully you’ve all seen the pictures of Kirsten’s art work that I have posted on our shutterfly page.  If not follow the link on the right hand side of the screen and once there look in the “Projects” folder.  She’s quite the budding artist although she doesn’t like to get her hands messy…sorry nora not sure how I’m going to get those painted hand prints for you.

Kirsten is also close to being potty trained.  Not that I’ve done any of the work.  Because there have only been 6 in her class the teachers have been working on it and on school days Kirsten is pretty good.  It’s just those in between ones.  I think this morning we sat on the toilet about 8-10 times (including whilst at Fresh & Easy) peed in the toilet about twice and I still had to change the nappy about half a dozen times (including 4 in 30 minutes)…let’s not go there.  I’m hoping with the help of the guests in the next few weeks (especially Nanny) we’ll get there.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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