School – Day 2

Waiting Outside School - Day 1

Well Kirsten had her second day of school today.  I put sunscreen on her put not on her face and neck and the teachers kept a closer watch on her than last week.  When I picked her up she was a little flushed but that died down within minutes of collecting her and she had no reaction anywhere else so it looks as though her face is just way too sensitive to put anything on it.  I checked what they had eaten for snacks last Thursday and that was apple juice and saltine crackers.  She’s eaten both of those before and definitely no allergic reaction so I’ll continue to keep an eye on her but will also continue to put no sunscreen on her face and keep her out of direct sun.

When I dropped Kirsten off this morning there were a lot more tears.  I know Kirsten cried last week but today so did all the others.  It was day 2 and they knew what to expect.

For those of you who haven’t followed the link at the side of the page to our shutterfly pictures here is one that I took of Kirsten when she lined up outside school last Thursday for her first day.  Yes her face is a little white, but that was the sunscreen.

Yesterday, Monday, she also had her 3rd week at gymnastics class.  When getting her ready at home I’ve realised that if I tell her we are going bouncing she knows exactly what is going on.  It tires her out which was one of the aims and she loves the access to a large gymnasium with all the trampolines, rings, etc.  She slept for 3 hours yesterday after lunch and 3 hours today.  I’m continuing with my sewing and have made a start on my Christmas gifts!  Don’t laugh.  With all our guests starting to arrive I want to make use of the free postage and of course if I am going to post things they also have to be ready by middle of November.  John and I have even been discussing Christmas cards.  Need to work out our annual picture.

Talk to you all soon.


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