Third Full Week of School

August 24, 2009

So we’re coming into Kirsten’s 3rd full week. She and I are kept busy with her schedule and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too much or not. We are as follows: Monday – gymnastics; Tuesday – school; Wednesday – swimming; Thursday – school and Friday is catch up.

Her naps reduced last week which surprised me but I think she was a little overstimulated then we went to the gym yesterday morning and on our return she went to bed. We woke her up as it came to almost 3 hours and 15 minutes and she was still settled in bed by 7.30pm (her choice) and slept until 7am this morning. We’ll see what happens this week.

This morning we have gymnastics. Last Monday she threw a tantrum halfway through the class wanting her snacks out of my bag. Kirsten likes to have food when she wants it rather than when we decide (a habit I need to break). It is exactly the same with drink and preschool commented on that fact.

I also think we’re very close to giving the potty training another go. We are changing the nappy even more as every time she does something she lets us know but she is now sitting on the toilet before bathtime rather than using the plastic potty as soon as she gets into the bath. I think I’ll ask my Mum for help when she arrives in about 11 days and maybe in the 2.5 weeks she’s here we’ll get it done. Who knows.

I’ve been taking pictures of all Kirsten’s artwork from school (almost a project a day) and I’ll get those pictures up during the week. Kirsten’s phrase of last week was “what are you doing here?” which is very funny to here when she says it to John as he walks through the door and comes home in the evening.

Well keep in touch.

School – Day 2

August 11, 2009

Waiting Outside School - Day 1

Well Kirsten had her second day of school today.  I put sunscreen on her put not on her face and neck and the teachers kept a closer watch on her than last week.  When I picked her up she was a little flushed but that died down within minutes of collecting her and she had no reaction anywhere else so it looks as though her face is just way too sensitive to put anything on it.  I checked what they had eaten for snacks last Thursday and that was apple juice and saltine crackers.  She’s eaten both of those before and definitely no allergic reaction so I’ll continue to keep an eye on her but will also continue to put no sunscreen on her face and keep her out of direct sun.

When I dropped Kirsten off this morning there were a lot more tears.  I know Kirsten cried last week but today so did all the others.  It was day 2 and they knew what to expect.

For those of you who haven’t followed the link at the side of the page to our shutterfly pictures here is one that I took of Kirsten when she lined up outside school last Thursday for her first day.  Yes her face is a little white, but that was the sunscreen.

Yesterday, Monday, she also had her 3rd week at gymnastics class.  When getting her ready at home I’ve realised that if I tell her we are going bouncing she knows exactly what is going on.  It tires her out which was one of the aims and she loves the access to a large gymnasium with all the trampolines, rings, etc.  She slept for 3 hours yesterday after lunch and 3 hours today.  I’m continuing with my sewing and have made a start on my Christmas gifts!  Don’t laugh.  With all our guests starting to arrive I want to make use of the free postage and of course if I am going to post things they also have to be ready by middle of November.  John and I have even been discussing Christmas cards.  Need to work out our annual picture.

Talk to you all soon.

Class Size

August 6, 2009

I forgot to mention in my previous post about Kirsten’s class.  There are 2 teachers, Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Varley and the class can hold up to 12 students, but right now there are only 7 which is great. I was concerned as Kirsten doesn’t integrate well with children her own age that she would be a shrinking violet, but by starting with a smaller class I think this is going to help.  She’s in the “young 2’s class” which is for children who turned 2 after February 2 and before end of August.  Next year the classes will merge and then will have the option of 2, 3 or 5 days a week and also a choice of 9-12 or 9-2.  Back to this year.  There are balloons put up on the wall showing the children’s birthdays and it looks as though Kirsten is right in the middle of them all.  There also appears to be a pretty much 50/50 split of girls to boys (well I realise this isn’t possible with 7) but there are 4 of one and 3 of the other so again perfect.  If you have any more questions let me know.

First Day of Preschool

August 6, 2009

So this morning was Kirsten’s first day at preschool.  We had the meet and greet with her teachers on Tuesday morning from 9.30 – 10.30 and were sent home with a project to make what would be her placemat for snack time.  I’ve taken some pictures and will aim to get those posted on the shutterfly in the next few days together with her pictures that I took this morning.  We arrived at school just before 9 and waited with all the other parents.  I signed Kirsten in and left her screaming in the arms of the teacher so I made a run for it and went off delivering Avon products and books.  I walked into the local Curves as I had some deliveries and they asked me where Kirsten was at which point I broke down and cried.  Hey did you expect anything less.  After running those errands I went home and scrubbed the kitchen floor and called the vets to make an appointment for the dogs during next Tuesday morning.  That way I only have to cope with 2 dogs and not 2 dogs plus a toddler.  So I collected Kirsten at noon.  Apparently they had done painting of hands except as I presumed Kirsten had refused.  I’ve tried to do finger painting at home with Kirsten but she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty so she’s always painted mine.  The teacher said that would explain why she asked for Mummy.  When I walked into the room Kirsten was actually dancing with one of the teachers to some music that she had put on. 
Kirsten was coated up in suncream before she left this morning as they do have a covered play area outside their room.  Unfortunately when I picked up Kirsten her face (all round the mouth area) was red and sore.  John and I have noticed that this is a problem area and have recently changed her facial suncream to a factor 60 for sensitive skin but this morning that doesn’t appear to have worked even though she wasn’t in the sun.  I don’t know if it is a reaction to the heat (it’s 47C outside plus about 60% humidity at the moment).  I’ve washed her face down with cold water and stripped her down to her nappy plus put some vaseline on so will see how she is when she wakes from her nap later this afternoon.  She is absolutely exhausted so it will also be interesting to see how long she sleeps for.

Just to keep you up-to-date on the modelling.  Kirsten was due to have her pictures taken for the calendar/head shots this saturday but the agency called yesterday morning and have pushed them back a week.  We’ll see how it goes and let you know.