Well the big news for this week is that as of this afternoon Kirsten has been signed up for a 2-year non-exclusive contract with The Young Agency which is a modelling/talent agency.  We took Kirsten to an open call audition last Saturday morning.  We had to call and schedule her in but on arrival discovered that there were about a dozen children in that time slot.  We had been asked to just dress the child in a normal dress and keep them looking as they normally would.  We had also been asked to bring a recent digital photo.  I couldn’t decide so took about half a dozen.  The Children’s Director then took a digital photo of each child and then told us all to call back on Monday between 1-2pm which we did.  John and I had only taken Kirsten along on a whim not expecting anything out of it but felt that it was a way of proving that people only told us how beautiful Kirsten was because it is said about all children.  I called back soon after 1pm on Monday and left my name and number and received a call back at around 3.30pm informing me that they would like to sign Kirsten up.

This afternoon Kirsten and I drove down and signed a 2-year non-exclusive contract, which means that should we wish to sign her up with other model/talent agencies we are free to do so (we have no plans to do anything of the sort).  We will be taking Kirsten back again on 8 August for a photo shoot at 9.15am.  The best shot from this shoot will be used as her head shot and also used in a corporate calendar that the agency puts together to use at Christmas for clients/prespective clients.  We will get the opportunity to purchase extra copies.

Not it’s just a matter of seeing if there are any clients out there who also think that Kirsten would be perfect for their advertising/film etc.  We will keep you posted.  We will be more than happy if Kirsten just gets 1 to 2 jobs, but you never know.  As we said we didn’t even expect to get this far.


One Response to Modelling

  1. Joy says:

    Jazmine did this when she was little, the only problem for them being most of her assignments were weekdays which Freya couldn’t take her to as she was working. But Jaz really enjoyed it and if nothing else it taught her to pose for the camera, she’s still a diva when she sees a lens. Have fun with it.

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