Well this week the heat is up and has been so hot that trying to explain to Kirsten that she can’t go out as even with Factor 60 on her she still gets patches of bad skin on her face, apart from the fact I have no wish to go out either.  She’s also still suffering from constipation and this week has been a severe week.  She and I have just been across to Target and topped up on laxative for children and also some gripe water.

Kirsten had an extra swim lesson this morning after which she was exhausted but she did not want to go down for a nap.  She kept telling me that she had a soggy nappy but nothing there.  Then I realised that her tummy hurt.  I gave her some gripe water and we cuddled on the rocking chair in her bedroom and I read her the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog going to School whilst the gripe water worked its way through.  She then settled down and slept for 2 hours.  I woke her up as I don’t like her sleeping past 4pm.  I think her constipation maybe another reason why the potty training attempt was a disaster.  I think we need to get the constipation under control before we give the potty training another go.  The question is how as she eats plenty of fruit, veg and yoghurt as it is…well in comparison to other kids.  This week my plan is to at least rid her of this bout.  The other thing today, which as yet she has not noticed but will at bed time, is that all bottles are now gone.  They have been removed from the cupboard so if she asks to see it they won’t be there.  I think the biggest problem will be when I settle her for bed but over the last few weeks she has drunk less and less milk at bedtime which has been the plan.  Today I’ve had her on prune juice anyway.

I’ll keep you updated.


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