The Heat Is Rising

…in more ways than one.  The tension between myself and Kirsten as we try not to get angry with each other and the mercury in the thermometer.  The high today is supposed to be somewhere between 108-110 (42.2-43.3C) and then tomorrow, Saturday, we are supposed to be about 112F (44.4C) and then Sunday up to 113F (45C).  At one point they told us we were going to be up to 116F (46.6C).  Thankfully that has gone down a little to 113, but we will wait and see what happens.  Of course every time the dogs are let out for a potty break Kirsten wants to go out so we fight while I try and explain to her she cannot go out and play on the grass or the swing.  She’s too little to understand and yesterday she forced her way out until halfway across the grass to the swing she sat down and yelled with her bare feet waving in the air for mummy to come and get her (yup the grass was hot…it’s synthetic not real).

It’s 4 weeks until Kirsten starts preschool and I haven’t even started thinking about what she’ll wear and how I’m going to label everything so I suppose I’d better get started on that.  I can’t believe that she’s starting “school” and the heat will still be way up there.  Thankfully she won’t be getting any outside time until the temperatures cool down, but hopefully she’ll get so much stimulation it will tire her out.  She will also continue with her swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings and we are now looking into gymnastics as I’ve found somewhere about 20 minutes from home.  We had hoped for her to do trampolining, but as the only class is the same afternoon as swimming we don’t think that’s a good idea yet.

John’s parents have now booked their tickets to come out to visit so we now have 7 weeks of guests through September, October and November.  My parents come out first on 4 – 20 September.  I then have 24 hours to change the sheets and then my youngest brother, Conrad and his better half Marie-Claire arrive on 21 September – 5 October.  John’s parents arrive on 29 October – 17 November.  John, Kirsten and I are hoping that we might get across for a trip to San Diego the second week of October to explore and visit Seaworld, the Zoo and of course, Legoland.  There are no definitive plans there though so we’ll just wait and see.

Well have a good weekend everyone and make sure you stay hydrated in this heat.


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