July 30, 2009

Well the big news for this week is that as of this afternoon Kirsten has been signed up for a 2-year non-exclusive contract with The Young Agency which is a modelling/talent agency.  We took Kirsten to an open call audition last Saturday morning.  We had to call and schedule her in but on arrival discovered that there were about a dozen children in that time slot.  We had been asked to just dress the child in a normal dress and keep them looking as they normally would.  We had also been asked to bring a recent digital photo.  I couldn’t decide so took about half a dozen.  The Children’s Director then took a digital photo of each child and then told us all to call back on Monday between 1-2pm which we did.  John and I had only taken Kirsten along on a whim not expecting anything out of it but felt that it was a way of proving that people only told us how beautiful Kirsten was because it is said about all children.  I called back soon after 1pm on Monday and left my name and number and received a call back at around 3.30pm informing me that they would like to sign Kirsten up.

This afternoon Kirsten and I drove down and signed a 2-year non-exclusive contract, which means that should we wish to sign her up with other model/talent agencies we are free to do so (we have no plans to do anything of the sort).  We will be taking Kirsten back again on 8 August for a photo shoot at 9.15am.  The best shot from this shoot will be used as her head shot and also used in a corporate calendar that the agency puts together to use at Christmas for clients/prespective clients.  We will get the opportunity to purchase extra copies.

Not it’s just a matter of seeing if there are any clients out there who also think that Kirsten would be perfect for their advertising/film etc.  We will keep you posted.  We will be more than happy if Kirsten just gets 1 to 2 jobs, but you never know.  As we said we didn’t even expect to get this far.


July 20, 2009

Well this week the heat is up and has been so hot that trying to explain to Kirsten that she can’t go out as even with Factor 60 on her she still gets patches of bad skin on her face, apart from the fact I have no wish to go out either.  She’s also still suffering from constipation and this week has been a severe week.  She and I have just been across to Target and topped up on laxative for children and also some gripe water.

Kirsten had an extra swim lesson this morning after which she was exhausted but she did not want to go down for a nap.  She kept telling me that she had a soggy nappy but nothing there.  Then I realised that her tummy hurt.  I gave her some gripe water and we cuddled on the rocking chair in her bedroom and I read her the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog going to School whilst the gripe water worked its way through.  She then settled down and slept for 2 hours.  I woke her up as I don’t like her sleeping past 4pm.  I think her constipation maybe another reason why the potty training attempt was a disaster.  I think we need to get the constipation under control before we give the potty training another go.  The question is how as she eats plenty of fruit, veg and yoghurt as it is…well in comparison to other kids.  This week my plan is to at least rid her of this bout.  The other thing today, which as yet she has not noticed but will at bed time, is that all bottles are now gone.  They have been removed from the cupboard so if she asks to see it they won’t be there.  I think the biggest problem will be when I settle her for bed but over the last few weeks she has drunk less and less milk at bedtime which has been the plan.  Today I’ve had her on prune juice anyway.

I’ll keep you updated.

The Heat Is Rising

July 10, 2009

…in more ways than one.  The tension between myself and Kirsten as we try not to get angry with each other and the mercury in the thermometer.  The high today is supposed to be somewhere between 108-110 (42.2-43.3C) and then tomorrow, Saturday, we are supposed to be about 112F (44.4C) and then Sunday up to 113F (45C).  At one point they told us we were going to be up to 116F (46.6C).  Thankfully that has gone down a little to 113, but we will wait and see what happens.  Of course every time the dogs are let out for a potty break Kirsten wants to go out so we fight while I try and explain to her she cannot go out and play on the grass or the swing.  She’s too little to understand and yesterday she forced her way out until halfway across the grass to the swing she sat down and yelled with her bare feet waving in the air for mummy to come and get her (yup the grass was hot…it’s synthetic not real).

It’s 4 weeks until Kirsten starts preschool and I haven’t even started thinking about what she’ll wear and how I’m going to label everything so I suppose I’d better get started on that.  I can’t believe that she’s starting “school” and the heat will still be way up there.  Thankfully she won’t be getting any outside time until the temperatures cool down, but hopefully she’ll get so much stimulation it will tire her out.  She will also continue with her swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings and we are now looking into gymnastics as I’ve found somewhere about 20 minutes from home.  We had hoped for her to do trampolining, but as the only class is the same afternoon as swimming we don’t think that’s a good idea yet.

John’s parents have now booked their tickets to come out to visit so we now have 7 weeks of guests through September, October and November.  My parents come out first on 4 – 20 September.  I then have 24 hours to change the sheets and then my youngest brother, Conrad and his better half Marie-Claire arrive on 21 September – 5 October.  John’s parents arrive on 29 October – 17 November.  John, Kirsten and I are hoping that we might get across for a trip to San Diego the second week of October to explore and visit Seaworld, the Zoo and of course, Legoland.  There are no definitive plans there though so we’ll just wait and see.

Well have a good weekend everyone and make sure you stay hydrated in this heat.

Potty Training On Hold

July 4, 2009

So potty training didn’t quite work out as planned.  Kirsten decided she wasn’t interested so I’ve decided to put it on hold.  To a certain extent she has regressed in that she wants to wear diapers rather than pull-ups, but that is fine by me as that is the requirement for preschool which she starts on 6 August.  I’m leaving the potties about the house so they are there for her to see and if she decides to ask to use them then all the better.  We are still continuing with the potty at bathtime, but Kirsten has been using the potty in the bath since last September.  I don’t want to scare her off the idea completely.  We’ll just take it step by step.

It’s July 4th today.  American Independence Day.  We don’t have any big plans, but our friend Steve Dingley is coming over around 4pm this afternoon and we’ll all have some pool time and I’ll cook up dinner for us all on the BBQ.  He’ll keep the dogs occupied…they love it when he comes over.  Now we’re just waiting for Daddy to get up so that we can get on with the day so to speak.