Potty Training on the Horizon

Well another week has come and gone and I’m doing my best to work out ways to “bribe” Kirsten to avoid tantrums.  This has included anything from getting some chocolate milk to drink to get her out of the car to going inside to wash her toy cow in order to get her off the swing and inside to have a bath.  This week she has also worked out that if she “hurts” herself someone will kiss it better.  The problem is that we kiss it better and then she tells us it was actually the other side and so it keeps on going.  At least she hasn’t worked out about plasters (band aids) yet.  She actually pulls those off as soon as they go on because they hurt!

Tomorrow the plan is to start fully with the potty training.  This week I made sure that I had toilet seats; paper towel; disenfecting wipes and plenty of little girl knickers.  I’ll be putting a potty in the back of the car.  Ask me tomorrow night (Monday) how I’m doing and I’ll probably already have had enough.  I have already removed the toilet paper from beside the toilet in Kirsten’s bathroom as she sits on the toilet seat and stuffs toilet paper into the toilet between her legs and then looks at me and points her finger going “Kirsten no”.  She knows she’s not supposed to do it, but it is great fun none the less.

She’s also picking up on words faster than I would like.  I wasn’t thinking this morning and said “b*gg*r” and she spent the next 5 minutes repeating it back to me.  She and I went out for a little while this afternoon and she dropped the little bag she was carrying and sure enough out of her mouth she started saying the same word.  This afternoon though she learned tomatoe and burger.  I’m hoping that she’ll think she was actually saying burger rather than what she was saying.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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