Weekly Goings On

John got back almost a week ago, and trust me Kirsten was over the moon to have Daddy back. Over the weekend she clung to him like a limpet. On Saturday we took her to Build A Bear at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall as she’d received a $25 gift voucher for her birthday. She ended up creating a monkey which Daddy named “Bubbles”. Not sure why he chose the name, but it is one that Kirsten remembers so now everywhere we go not only do we take the usual toys: Elmo and Babba (the elephant blanket) but now we have to add in Bubbles to the mix. Taking her milk is quite a saga what with sititing on my lap, the 3 toys and of course don’t forget the blanket…and yes we now well in to the 100s in temperatures.

The big goings on for last week is that I have enrolled Kirsten in preschool. I have found a program for two’s and Best Pals in Cave Creek and Kirsten will be in the Young Twos which means she will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 – 12.   http://www.bestpalspreschools.com/   The school calendar follows that of the Cave Creek Unified School District so Kirsten will start school on Tursday 6 August. We have a meet and greet with the teacher on Tuesday 4 August. Now I’ve just got to get everything ready.

We have also started potty training…or at least the next stage. She’s been using the potty just before the bath (or rather by sitting on it as soon as she gets in the bath) since before Christmas. Now we’ve upgraded her to a toilet seat on the toilet but then sits on the potty straight afterwards but outside of the bath. Next week (Monday) I will start in earnest having bought plenty of kitchen roll and disenfecting wipes for clearing up any accidents and also lots of big girl knickers!!! I’ll let you know how we get on.


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